Kamala Devi

Kamala DeviConscious Chef

A devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Kamala Devi is inspired by his great example of simple, effective living. She has consistently developed and shared basic skills that help others to enjoy a healthy, joyous and peaceful daily life.

Kamala Devi has studied the cuisine of many cultures, mastering the traditional techniques that characterize the food of different countries. Her teaching method is practical and easy to follow. As a pioneer in the field of healthy and light vegetarian cuisine, throughout the 1980s, Kamala Devi was chef to a number of gourmet vegetarian restaurants in Australia. Later, Kamala ran her own small business supplying select health food stores with whole food pies and pastries, and she prepared meals for clients on special diets. She continues to produce a range of Indian style pickles, which are always popular. From 1995 to 1996 Kamala Devi was in charge of menus and preparation of food at AHAM Spiritual Retreat Center in North Carolina.

Catering for special events and residential workshops, her classes and workshops have been most useful to those wishing to introduce vegetarian food and diet to their families in an easy and appealing way. She encourages us to handle food with great respect, realizing the privilege of preparing food for others as a task worthy of full attention.

Contributing Author to Big Shakti

In 1997, Kamala Devi began compiling The Conscious Cook from her copious notes of experience, and she self-published the first edition. In 2009 Kamala graciously granted Big Shakti publishing rights of The Conscious Cook in eBook format.

Kamala Devi resides at the Hill of Fire Sanctuary, an ashram named after the Sacred Mountain Arunachala in South India, where Sri Ramana lived out his life. It is on the north coast of NSW Australia. She raised her four children there. Kamala continues to spend her time tending the organic gardens of fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables, writing, singing songs of joy and praise and swimming in the ocean. She is involved in the local community through choirs, theater and yoga groups. She resides in India for two months each year and frequently visits USA.

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