Healing the Mind - Ajapa Japa Stage 1

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700 Meditation - Prana and Pranic Healing

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Enhance your "Healing the Mind with Ajapa Japa" course with our Prana and Pranic Healing meditation. This powerful addition will help you:

  • Deepen Your Healing: Combine the power of prana with Ajapa Japa for more profound mental and emotional healing.
  • Balance Your Energy: Learn techniques to balance and cleanse your energy, promoting overall well-being.
  • Expand Your Practice: Gain additional insights and methods to support your mind healing journey.

DEnrich your course experience. Add "Prana and Pranic Healing" to your order now to amplify deeper levels of healing and peace.


700 Yoga Psychology Course & Meditation Bundle

Yoga Psychology Course Bundle

  1. Therapeutic Meditation Bundle (6 Guided Meditations)
  2. Introduction to Yoga Psychology & Psychotherapy Course
  3. Facing the Shadow Course

6 CPD Points upon completion



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Healing the Mind Course 700

Healing the Mind - Ajapa Japa Stage 1

Create healthy mental and emotional patterns.

30 Topics, 3 Meditations, 10 hrs

Total due $197

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