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{Course} Yoga Nidra – Foundations

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clock-iconTIME TO COMPLETE: 21 hrs LESSONS: 9AUDIOS: 9sitting-iconMEDITATIONS: 10
Integration ExercisesINTEGRATION EXERCISES: 9

Welcome to the Yoga Nidra – Part 1 – Online Course

This course will teach you all about Yoga Nidra.

Woman is resting in Savasana during Yoga.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation and meditation technique performed in the lying position.

The form of Yoga Nidra you are learning about in this course was developed by Swami Satyananda of the Bihar School of Yoga in India.

Yoga Nidra is one of the most useful and beloved of all the relaxation-meditation techniques in the world today because of its restorative powers and because it can be practiced in the lying position.

The technique is practical, easy and accessible.

It is both a powerful relaxation technique for deep rest and recuperation from stress and a powerful meditation technique for mental peace and the development of higher awareness.

This course will focus more on Yoga Nidra’s ability to enable you to:

  1. Relax deeply, physically, mentally and emotionally
  2. Recuperate energy and vitality
  3. Remove the damaging effects of stress
  4. Heal from illness and surgery
  5. Manage chronic illness and pain
  6. Prevent illness from occurring
  7. Experience deep meditation.

There are two things that are extremely important in life. The first is having a purpose. The second is to have the energy and vision to fulfill your purpose. These are skills that we will support you developing during this course.

Course Structure

  • Sections introduce the 4 major Lessons (subjects) of the course.
  • Lessons summarize the Topics within the respective Lesson.
  • Topics are the content to be studied. They include Theory, Meditations, and Integration Exercises.

Course Materials

  • Sections, Lessons, Topics to be read and completed online.
  • Audible Versions of Lessons & Topics (downloadable Mp3s)
  • Meditation Techniques (downloadable Mp3s)
  • Integration Exercises (downloadable PDFs)

Study Sequence

  1. Read and Complete each the Lesson online.
  2. Listen to the Audible version (downloadable Mp3) of the Lesson a few times.
  3. Practice the Meditation (downloadable Mp3) at least 3 times.
  4. Complete the Integration Exercises (downloadable PDFs).
  5. Upload the completed Integration Exercises.
  6. Move to the next Lesson, or repeat certain Topics.

We estimate that it takes approximately 2 hours to complete a lesson. However, we do recommend that you take your time. Don’t rush. You need to meditate on the material to embody this knowledge and make it your own. Most students need to go through the course at least twice before they really get it.

* How to work with the Integrations Exercises.

  • DOWNLOAD all the Integration Exercises in the Course Downloads page.
  • SAVE the file to your computer with your name added to the end of the file name. E.g. FLP_Integration_Exercises_Introduction-MarySmith.pdf
  • Regularly SAVE your work in the PDF or you will lose your work.
  • Once completed UPLOAD your Integration Exercises via the link provided in the Integration Exercise topic at the end of each lesson.
    You need to do this to be able to move to the next lesson and to get your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification.
    If you choose to keep your work private (that is, you do not want to share your exercises with your teachers, Dr.
     Swami Shankardev and Jayne), please upload a blank file.

Embodied Study

The Meditations and Integration Exercises have immense value in helping you to assimilate the knowledge into your life. They are the truly transformational aspect of this course.

The material is potent. If you commit to it, and if you are sincere and honest with yourself, you will successfully complete this course. Success means that you will know infinitely more about who you are and what you truly want to achieve in this lifetime.

Take your time with each topic. Don’t be lazy and don’t rush. Practicing the techniques as prescribed is essential to success in this course.

Above all, enjoy the experience, have fun on this wonderful journey towards wisdom and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire!


You may want to keep a diary to record your insights and the most important points or you can use the “Notes” within the course via the hovering Notepad (to the right of your screen). You can Save and Print Notes.

Write down any thoughts, feelings, questions or insights that come to you during the studies or throughout the day. Since your mind will become more illuminated at this time, you will find this very useful to look back over your experience in the future.


We are here to support you. Please direct your questions to or simply write in the right-hand support box anytime.

Now start your journey,

Dr Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson

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