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Find Your Dharma Heart

Find Your Life Purpose
A study of your nature and desires

It’s easy to get snagged in the chaos and gloom of these troubled times. The world’s shadow is creating mass-polarization, and it’s also easy to get sucked into one polarity and lose your center, your Self.

Knowing who you are, and having a clear intention, a Sankalpa for your life is essential. Without this self-orientation, you will feel like a leaf in the wind, or a cork floating on a stormy ocean. Your life path will be based on external circumstances, and you need a lot of luck on your side.

To become self-oriented, you need to become aware of your true nature, your innate self—your dharma. This is not achieved by thinking alone, or by emotion alone.

To become aware of your purpose requires much more of you than your thinking mind and your emotional attachments. Thinking and emotion are very important, but not your whole story.

Many people believe they should have the answers to their life purpose without any assistance or education. This is a harsh demand to place on yourself, that you should already know everything. Very few people know their purpose without self-exploration and self-development.

To find your dharma—who you are, and your life purpose—the expression of your dharma into the world, requires a structured study that enables you to explore your life from multiple perspectives.

This is why we created the find life purpose course, a systematic study that explores your personality, talents, your many desires, circumstances, current commitments, and stage of life. The study takes you beneath thinking and emotion into the feeling and sensing—the alive self.

Once you touch this part of yourself, your dharma heart, you will feel a sense of clarity, strength, and excitement about your life, never experienced before.

Of course, you will need to do the study: absorb the theory, practice the meditations, and engage in the integration exercises. It is after all a study of you.

Find Your Life Purpose

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