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Do you need help to identify and resolve your issues, discover your hidden talents, and navigate towards fulfilling your desires and purpose? 

Through Healing Sessions and Dream Sessions, I help clients to transform negative patterns into personal power, vitality, creativity, and wisdom. 

Both Healing Sessions and Dream Sessions include a personalized, unique meditation that works with your particular issues and desires.

The meditation you created for me was pivotal in helping me to face my inhibitions and find authentic self expression. So timely too, 6 weeks before my wedding!! I have been meditating for 15 years but never experienced a technique as profoundly healing.
Alison C. Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, UK


Benefits of a Healing Session

Healing Sessions address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you.

We journey into the raw energies, thoughts, and beliefs behind your issues so that you recognize and use their creative potential.

The aim is for you to:

  • Understand the connection between your beliefs, behaviors, character, and karma.
  • Understand how your problems pave your golden path to healing.
  • Discover the hidden jewels that lie within your energetic blockages.
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Experience a personalized meditation to manifest your most important desires and face pain.

Details:  Your Healing Session includes a Mp3 recording of your personalized meditation.

US$160.00 for a 70-minute session via Skype, Telephone, or Face to Face in Sydney.

Healing Session – Testimonial

I’ve been a student of Big Shakti for many years and am deeply indebted to Jayne and Swami Shankardev for their high-level of education. I reached out to Jayne early 2017 with the intention of revitalizing my meditation practice after a difficult and exhausting year at work and home. Her multi-faceted healing approach has been revolutionary for me. I certainly gained more renewed vitality and enthusiasm for meditation however this is the tip of the iceberg. I’ve ended a 12 year destructive relationship, learned to communicate with my family and colleagues in a a more balanced way, and developed stark awareness of my strengths and my flaws. One of the processes Jayne introduced to me triggered a dramatic energy release which I believe helped me to leave my relationship from a place of inner strength. Life is certainly challenging now, the challenge I want and need. My only regret is that I did not reach out earlier.
Cara V. Teacher, US

Benefits of a Dream Session

Dream sessions work with either a night dream or a daydream that has significance for you. Both emanate largely from unconscious desires and fears. 

Dreams are messages from the unconscious bubbling into the edges of consciousness for a reason. The reason is rarely detected through analysis and rarely successful when attempted on your own. Dreams are most revelatory when explored through feelings.

In a guided dream session you will:

  • Discover the link and between your unconscious and your emotions.
  • Receive healing messages from your subconscious through feeling and intuition.
  • Tap your hidden desires and talents through imagery, symbols, and feelings.
  • Explore your shadow traits that drive destructive patterns.
  • Learn how to ground your imagination for powerful expression and action in the world.

Details: Your Dream Session includes a Mp3 recording of your personalized meditation.

US$160.00 for a 70-minute session via Skype, Telephone or Face to Face in Sydney.

Dream Session – Testimonial

As I relayed my dream to Jayne she pushed me to explore parts that I wanted to bypass altogether. Jayne got me to stay with the images of childhood bedroom which was a very depressing room. I wanted to get the hell out of there into the sunny backyard. On the bedroom floor I found my old red haired doll. I touched her head and felt a rush of sadness and anger in the pit of my stomach. Then came a painful memory of how furious I was at my mother for disappearing when I needed her most. As we went further into these feelings and the images, Jayne and I, simultaneously had a bolt of insight; my mother must have suffered with mental illness. She died when I was 8 and I was hospitalised for 3 months for a nervous breakdown. Two months later I worked up the guts to confront my father. At first he completely denied my mother’s mental illness but he called me the next morning and told me it was true. He’d kept it from my sister and I because of the stigma (35 years ago). He said that when my mother ‘disappeared’ she was undergoing treatments and towards the end of her life, shock treatment. Connecting with this story, the source of my sadness and rage has been a cathartic. I’m finally able to do something with this trauma. If not for the healing I would still be erupting angrily especially if someone didn’t pay attention to my needs. I only have compassion for my mother and my father is lighter and more open. I check in with Jayne every few months, sometimes with a new dream, sometimes just for her advice and support.
Emily R. Author, Australia

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Experience and Background

The foundation of my approach derives from more than 30 years of study and practice in a number of healing and wisdom disciplines.

Daoist meditation and Chinese therapies – I began my studies in Melbourne, Australia with a Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. I studied  Tai Chi, Dao Meditation, metaphysics, and Chinese healing therapies for ten years. I continued my training in Sydney with a master of Medical Chi Gong.

Yoga and tantra – I have studied yogic and tantric meditations and philosophy, mantra, and ritual since 2001.

Dreamwork – My interest in dreamwork began with a dream I had after reading Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols when I was 22 years old. Since then I have studied Jung and many Dream Masters. My family used dreams, astrology, and divination as potent sources of wisdom. 

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