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How To Succeed In 2018 | The Year Of The Earth Dog

February 16, 2018. Consolidate, Focus, Share and Care

Time to consolidate everything you’ve achieved.
Become strategic and determined in meeting your needs.
Your deeper need is the theme of the year.
Idle indulgence will only bring tears.

Be resourceful and frugal, yet caring and kind. 
Be purposeful in how you spend your time.
Knuckle down and focus, take your life seriously.
Foster high values such as trust and loyalty.

Learn what it means to be a great friend.
Infuse your connections with joy and enthusiasm.
Count every small blessing that comes your way.
All that you take for granted won’t remain.

This year’s double-earth element causes delicate health.
Especially to the stomach, spleen, muscles, and cells.
Stomach and spleen control the thinking brain.
Calming worries and overthinking will keep you well and sane.

An overfilled stomach eventually breeds disease.
Try 14-hour fasts at least twice a week.
Strengthening your muscles supports mood and mind.
Eating less meat and more plants helps you to thrive.

It’s a year of the pack, not of the lone wolf.
Not yet part of a group? This is the year to look.
Join like-minded folk and you’ll get more done.
Solo efforts become onerous and dull.

Partner with a friend to stay on track with your goals.
Seek the council of the wise to realign with your soul.
Become the person you’ve always yearned to be.
Study the timeless texts of literature and philosophy.

Protect the earth in every way you can.
She is our great Mother and only heartland.
Share your good fortune with those in need.
Befriend, respect and love of all of humanity.

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