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How to Thrive in The Year Of The Fire Rooster

The Year Of Passion, Compassion And Confidence

The Fire Rooster Lunar Year kicks off January 28th, 2017. Fire Rooster favors passion, compassion, calmness and confidence.

The year is dominated by the fire and metal elements in Chinese astrology. Excessive fire hurts the heart and liver and causes stress, excitement and anger. Excessive metal damages the lungs bringing feelings of anxiety and difficulty in letting go of grief.

Here’s a little poetic advice to help you handle the fire and metal energies so that you thrive, fly and keep safe all year long…

Time to be determined, brave, and true,
to channel your desires into one heartfelt pursuit.
That cherished something you’ve always wanted to do,
revamp, redesign and make it totally brand new.

It’s high time to let go of anger and rage.
Let the winds of change set you free from your cage.
Drink more water, workout until you sweat.
Replenish, rejuvenate, and get profound rest.

Power off your home before you leave for the day.
Clear the land of kindling and map your escape.
Lest all the things you’ve lovingly owned,
perish in a wildfire of unholy smoke.

Take time to re-examine your moral code,
as the year is ripe for secrets to be exposed.
Light and heat scorch criminal behavior,
and the angels of mercy refuse to play savior.

Strive to express your compassionate nature.
It will take you much further than sheer toil and labor.
Grace, charm, and eloquence will succeed the most.
Harsh words and actions will attract hungry ghosts.

It’s the year to be confident, to shine and glamourize.
Now broadcast your achievements and hold your head high.
Rise at dawn and crow at the top of your lungs,
“This is my world and I salute this life-giving sun”.

This is the year to focus and flourish with your passion and compassion. Need a little help on making it real? We launch our Find Life Purpose Course, February, 2017. Make sure you’re signed up to Get Updates to be notified and eligible for subscriber-only discounts!

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