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Light On Yogi: Bhakati Jane MacRae – Canada

Healing meditations and therapeutic horse riding help recovery from a devastating accident

Words by Bhakati

A head-on motor vehicle accident over twenty years ago left me catastrophically injured.

Every bone in my face was broken, and my left leg was in 16 pieces. In the aftermath, I had a bleed in the brain and still have left-sided weakness, without the use of my left hand.

However, I survived the multiple trauma, and I continue, slowly and steadily, to heal and love life!

There have been wonderful healers along the way; my beautiful chestnut horse, K.C., and Big Shakti have been the major factors in my onward journey.

Having been a student of Sri Chinmoy since 1978, I knew the importance of meditation, and especially relaxation, so I began with Big Shakti’s guided relaxation meditations.

I moved away from group meditations after Sri Chinmoy’s death, and I was longing for new supportive teachers and community.

Big Shakti’s online courses and seminars not only helped me to meditate more regularly, but they also gave me a renewed sense of connection to a global community. I felt a strong heart connection with Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson.

After the accident, my body was severely misaligned. I could not sit straight without swaying to the left. One key set of meditations in restoring balance have been the Core Strength Calm Mind meditations. They have had a profound effect on realigning, stabilizing, and strengthening my core.

I found myself using the techniques in everyday situations and as I began therapeutic riding at Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association.

To the seers of the Vedas, the horse symbolizes sacrifice, and I have had ample opportunities to experience this as my red-headed equine therapist, K.C. has witnessed.

She responds to the lightest touch on her rein and she “listens” to my legs. Six legs are so much more functional and fun than two!

My ongoing study with Big Shakti is allowing me to release trauma while following Swami Shankaradev’s advice, “don’t be afraid,” and Jayne’s advice to continue the daily practice of “Yoga Nidra.”

I deeply appreciate the bridge Swami Shankardev and Jayne have made between yoga and Jungian psychology turning concepts such as “dharma” and “sankalpa” into accessible and actionable tasks (such as in the Life Purpose Course).

For me, Big Shakti means “Big Earthquake” because if you do their practices, significant positive changes come.

I call their meditations, “Meditation with Muscle” because they are so radically healing.

Big Shakti is a rich resource for me to keep learning, healing, and believing in myself.

Bhakati (the spiritual name given to me by Sri Chinmoy)
Jane MacRae

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