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How To Make The Most Of The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Work The Darkness Jan 31 to Feb 1 - 2018

A Potent Time For Self-Reflection

31st Jan – 1st Feb 2018 {UTC time}

By Jayne Stevenson

The next full moon possesses many characteristics. The supermoon, blue moon, blood moon, and the total lunar eclipse all happen over two days.

The moon will be close to earth, illuminating your psyche, as she always does, but far more powerfully. Now is the perfect opportunity to begin a new process of self-transformation.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo exposes your authentic character: the good, beautiful, the dark, and the ugly. She asks, ‘how much do you show and hide your true colors?’ “How much energy is tied up in concealing your shadow?”

As you know, high-voltage power exists in your darkness, in jealousy, resentment, greed, and all the repressed negative, chaotic, and violent emotions.

Which negative emotion possesses you and won’t let you go?

Where did it all begin?

Glide through the corridors of childhood.

Recall the day you pushed the darkness away.

Did parent or teacher berate or shame you for expressing anger?

Did you live in the shadow of a sibling while swallowing jealousy?

Did you take on a parent’s negativity?

Or, like me, did you have to hide your grief as you watched a parent leave?

You were only a child, and so naturally, your tender heart hid what was deemed unacceptable.

Dig deep. Stay with it.

The moon goddess will lighten your load.

She lights the night sky to let you know you’re never alone.

Chant to Chandi (Durga). Dream of Diana or sing to Selene.

Your Goddess will take you into her heart with love and empathy.

Make Art Not War.

The cosmic drama plays out in expressive, creative Leo.

Express your revelations of the dark through art.

Paint, write or dance your demons out of their hiding place.

Discover their name. Identify their face.

The more authentic your expression, the more cathartic your healing.

Shining your light on your darkness awakens your underworld of dormant talents.

Strange new energy breaks through the repressive boundaries of your personality, of who you thought you had to be.

And now, a revolution of spirit and identity.

 Want More Revolution?

Uncover the glistening jewels hidden in your shadow.

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