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Now is the Time to Deepen Your Study and Practice

Deepen Your Study
Mohenjo daro Pakistan – a once thriving civilization from 2500 BC

Modern civilization is at a crossroads. We are facing existential threats, even though we are armed with great knowledge in our sciences. We have the ability to manage these threats if we can find a way to heal the rift that is growing between various sections of society. However, these rifts appear to be growing wider, causing loss of connection (yoga) and diminished dharma, actions that are not in harmony with universal laws.

The future is not certain, and if we look to the past, we have indications of civilizations that have risen, cultivated science and arts, philosophy and spiritual practice, and even then, they have fallen. They are now only a vague echo in the hallways of our deepest ancestral memory.

According to Alain Danielou⁠1, “We are so accustomed to regarding the evolution of humanity as a constant progression, and the development of knowledge over the course of several centuries or even decades as a continuous forward movement, that we sometimes have difficulty realizing that contrary forces also exist which periodically return people to states of incredible barbarism. Important civilizations pass away, their highly developed knowledge suddenly annihilated.”

Danielou goes on to state that, ”We use the rather vague term tradition to evoke the fragments, which have come down to us through secret and esoteric channels, of this ancient and prestigious knowledge, whose substance we have lost even though we have preserved it in memory.”

Is today such a time? Are we seeing the fall of empires and a new world in which we will have less access to spiritual knowledge and practice?

When I was a child, it was not easy to access teachers and teachings for meditation. Now the plethora of information and teachings on the web is overwhelming and confusing. Even with all this information people still feel lost and seek access to wise teachers who can support their inner journey.

The thing to realize is that there are no guarantees in life. With the changes going on now is the perfect opportunity to strengthen and develop yourself.

This is why we have offered the Yoga Tantra Study Advanced Group to our students who wish to devote themselves to deeper study and practice. Now is the time, not later when you have time.

We only have a few spaces left and admission is by application.

1 Alain Danielou, “While the Gods Play — Shaiva oracles and prediction on the cycles of history and the destiny of mankind.” Inner Traditions, 1987, pp xiii — xiv.

Image: The civilization of Mohenjo Daro Pakistan flourished in the Indus Valley in 2600 BC. The people of Mohenjo were early masters of town planning and civil engineering.

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