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Science of Yoga Psychology – Chakras, Tantra, Elements Of Mind, Koshas, and More

What you’ll learn in the Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy Seminars


How do you get your chakras to wake up and shine with their inherent power to overcome psychological and emotional issues?

How can you expand your awareness through the koshas; the sheaths that make up the human existence?

What are the elements that make up the mind?

The seminars will present an overview of yoga psychology and yoga psychotherapy and to describe the four main Indian philosophies that illuminate the nature of human existence and provide a unique perspective on the human mind. It is from an amalgamation of the insights found in these philosophies that a cogent system of yoga psychology can be constructed.

I will describe how I view and use yoga psychology in my medical and psychotherapy practice and will describe a few of the practices that I find most useful in supporting clients to manage physical and psychological illness.

Understand the power of your mind

The intention of the seminars is to support your understanding your mind as an immensely powerful force that you are well-advised to make your friend, and to give it the time and attention it deserves. Yoga and meditation practices facilitate a structured approach to fostering a strong and healthy mind that you can use to create a better and more fulfilling life.

The science of the subtle body

Yoga psychology is the science of the embodied relationship between consciousness and mind. It is also the science of the subtle body.

The subtle body is composed of elements, energies, chakras, archetypes and universal forces.

Yoga psychology and psychotherapy enable you to tap into and connect with your subtle body, the part of you that takes you beyond social conditioning into the universal and powerful parts of you.

Yoga psychotherapy and illness

Yoga psychotherapy is the application of yoga and meditation to treat physical and mental illness and to support positive psycho-spiritual growth and development.

Transform your mind from weakness to strength

We will describe how to transform the mind from a weak, confused, unstable, battered and bruised state into something that is diamond hard and diamond bright, capable of immense creativity and deep connection, meaning and purpose. Just knowing that this science exists and taking your first step on this path is empowering.

Yoga Philosophy

As part of these seminars, we will cover theory and practices from:

Tantra, with its wonderful system of chakras and psychic passages.

Vedanta, which details the various sheaths that make up our body, mind and spirit.

Samkhya, which enumerates all the elements of the human being. We will examine certain parts of this chart, with a special emphasis on the organs of the mind and how we can purify the mind from toxic feelings, anxiety, and resistance into a luminous balanced force so that you can engage with other beings in meaningful ways, to handle stressful situations more effectively.

Enjoy this unique series of seminars from Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati.

Yoga Psychology Seminars Swami Shankardev Saraswati
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