The Chakras Meditation Bundle


Seven Energies Chakra Chart

Seven Energies Chakra Chart

Beautiful, Authentic Fold-Out Chakra Chart

87 x 12.5 cm (35" x 5")

The Chakras Meditations

The Chakras Meditation CD

Develop intuition and creative power

CD | 5 tracks | 75 minutes


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The Chakra Meditation Bundle provides you with the authentic chakra meditations from The Chakras Meditation CD and The Seven Energies Chakra Chart.

The 7 chakras are psychic energy centers located in the spine. Each chakra has its own symbols, each of which represents an inner elemental force that powers our innate knowledge, strengths and abilities.

This guided meditation provides an authentic experience of the chakras. It transforms and expands your perception of who you are, and how you experience yourself and the world.

Gazing at the symbols while meditating on the chakras charges that symbol with energy and awareness and its meaning is brought to life within us.

By learning to feel, visualize and balance the chakras, and all the powerful elemental forces contained within them, we awaken potent inner power (shakti) and lift ourselves to a higher plane of consciousness.

The Chakras CD


01 Introduction to chakras

02 Psychic breathing (Ujjayi)

03 Rotation through chakras

04 Power Chakra (Manipura shuddhi)

05 Third Eye Chakra (Ajna shuddhi)

Seven Energies Chakra Chart

Design: Big Shakti

Publisher: Big Shakti

Material: Printed Fold-Out Wall Display

Dimensions: 87 cm x 12.5 cm or 35 inches x 5 inches