Yoga Tantra Advanced Study Group – Chakras, Mantras, Yantras


Philosophy, psychology, and practice of the higher yoga tantra

Live Online Classes:  6 x 2 hours | Presentation | Guided Meditations | Q & A | CPD Points: 12 hrs


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The Yoga Tantra Advanced Study Group is designed to support intermediate and advanced students of yoga, tantra and meditation, deepening their understanding of the philosophies and techniques from Yoga, Tantra, Sāmkhya, and Vedanta.

It is designed to enable spiritual seekers and those interested in Indian philosophy and psychology to penetrate deeper into the unconscious areas of their being and to access authentic inner experience. The whole aim of this study is the unification of the conscious and unconscious parts of us.

Chakras, mantras, yantras

To achieve this goal, these classes will focus on:

  • Chakras, psychic centers located in the spinal cord
  • Mantras, sacred sounds
  • Yantras and other sacred symbols

Mantras are used to pierce awareness into the unconscious to awaken the chakras and to open the gates to the powerful forces in the psyche. Specific mantras are initially used to calm, purify, and strengthen your mind. By focusing on the mantra, you enter into a higher vibration, the vibration that is natural to the mantra. As a result, your thinking mind is silenced (for a period of time).

Once this has been accomplished, mantras are the keys to unlock the psycho-spiritual forces within. Just as words are used to point to objects in the world, mantras are used to point our consciousness to internal forces.

Yantras are sacred diagrams that enable you to focus on and form a benevolent relationship with the vast forces within you. We employ them to enable you to bring order out of the chaos of the psyche and to intentionally direct your psychic energy towards your inner goal. Of course, this has a benefit for your worldly life as well.

Awaken your subtle body

The aim of this study will be to develop a solid, conscious relationship with the subtle body, which is the springboard into higher consciousness. The subtle body consists of vital life force, the prānamaya kosha, the mind, the manomaya kosha, and the psyche, the vijnānamaya kosha.

A relationship with the subtle body occurs when you can connect with and access the power within the elemental forces around which everything in life, including your body, mind, and spirit are formed.

One of the most effective and authentic ways to connect with the elemental forces is via chakra meditation, which includes mantra and yantra practice.


You will learn principles from both Eastern and Western psychological approaches to self-development and self-realization.

Topics in these classes include consciousness, energy/shakti, light, mind; mantras, yantras, tattwas (elemental forces), psychic symbols (Ishta devatā), initiation; karma and mantras as karmic remedies; spiritual practice (sādhana), the transformation of mind (parināma); Jungian psychology, archetypes, and libido.

You will have the opportunity to clarify and discuss issues in health, mental strength, and spiritual life. This does not include personal medical advice.

Expert guidance and training

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson provide expert, safe guidance to purify, balance, and illuminate your mind.

Dr. Swami Shankardev is a master of yoga and meditation (Yoga Acharya), a medical doctor, and a psychotherapist.

Jayne Stevenson is a dream worker and a highly gifted, intuitive, spiritual counselor, trained in Daoist and yogic meditation and philosophy.


A few scholarships are available by application.

Class Schedule

These live classes were recorded. You can now watch the recordings at your convenience

Class Components

6 x 2 hr-classes

Guided Meditation
Q&A (Satsang)

Continuing Professional Development

Earns CPD 12 contact hrs with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, & SYTA 

Publisher Info

Title: Yoga Tantra Advanced Study Group – Chakras Mantra Yantra

Authors: Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

Media: Recordings of Online Classes



Yoga is such an ancient practice, at times seemingly too complex to understand, let alone master, because of its depth and its roots in antiquity.  Yet, Big Shakti makes it so modern and available to all of us, regardless of whether one is a beginner or a teacher. Big Shakti takes yoga, with its many facets – philosophy, postures, breath, psychology, health and lifestyle, and puts it in a down-to-earth, user-friendly format.  As a counselor, I have really appreciated deepening my understanding of both yoga and Western psychology, and I have seen the value this brings that to my clients.  In addition, what makes Big Shakti really valuable is the integrity, sincerity, knowledge, skill and warmth of Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson.  I can ask them anything and know I will get accuracy, experience, expert knowledge and wisdom. I have made a pledge to myself to attend every course Big Shakti offers.

Big Shakti’s study programs provide a path to enlightenment and a practical yet highly spiritual means of attaining a more aware state, wherever you are in your own development. Both Swami Shankardev and Jayne support your growth and learning in a safe, loving environment where questions are seen as part of the learning. The structure of the theory has given me the basis on which to build. It has helped me to understand so much about my life and the lives of those around me. I feel supported and held.

Big Shakti’s online programs are planned with extreme care and knowledge and they are valuable tools for self-study. They are easy to follow, and they always make me feel as if the teacher is in my mind, knowing my needs, and what I want to explore. Either it is a meditation, a Yoga Nidra or a program about facing our shadow, or discovering our life’s purpose, their quality and power is unique.

My absolute trust for Big Shakti’s team, that derives from all the benefits I’ve enjoyed since I started practicing its beautiful methods. It is very comforting to have the possibility of choosing a grounding meditation when feeling agitated, or the facing the shadow meditation when having the need of looking deep in my soul. What I like most about Big Shakti’s work, is that they provide knowledge and experience in a structured way, with care, love and, yes, empathy. It is like having a trusted friend that helps you when needed.