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Align what you do with who you are. An illuminating online course to find, express and empower your Dharma – your essential nature, and your life purpose.

Are you ready to go on a yogic journey to locate the core purpose that lies deep within your heart? The Find Life Purpose course takes you on this journey through a structured, step-by-step, easy-to-study program.

Examine your desires

On this journey, you’ll explore all of your desires, including desires that you’ve successfully manifested and those you’ve failed to realize. On the path, many new desires will emerge.

You will choose one main desire and forge that into a purpose. Then you will learn how to take the energy of your desire to keep you on track while you fulfill your purpose.

Harness your intention, make a resolve

Once you find a purpose that you feel is worthwhile you learn how to make a powerful resolve called a sankalpa in Sanskrit. This process empowers you to harness your willpower and to fulfill your desire in a way that is dharmic; that is good for you and for others.

You use the energy in your desire to stay on track and fulfill your purpose in a way that brings long lasting satisfaction and fulfillment.

This is not just another approach to making a New Year’s resolution that most people soon forget about. The course is based on the ancient wisdom traditions that inspire you to accept the possibility that what you have long yearned for is actually possible. And you learn the knowledge, wisdom, techniques, and methods to achieve your goals.

This is what every student of our Find Life Purpose course (since 2012) experiences. They come face to face with their desires, learn how to let go of unimportant or outdated desires, and unearth their deepest desires, those that promise long-term meaning and fulfillment. Then they learn how to fulfill that important desire

S-NaylorThe life purpose course gave me deeper insight into my most important desires. It shook me up about my relationship to my resolve, my sankalpa. When I studied the lesson on desires something shifted in me forever more. The course created new inner tools, and put Yoga Nidra into a whole new, more empowering context.
Stuart Naylor, Program Coordinator Sydney Catchment Authority, NSW Australia

Course Benefits

This is an experiential, yogic journey that bypasses the thinking mind and travels into the intuitive, knowing mind. Each lesson adds understanding and clarity about your purpose and empowers you to:

  • Expand your vision of what’s possible for your life.
  • Discover what you want, (not just what you think you want).
  • Link your desires to realistic, achievable goals.
  • Remove the negative patterns that block you from believing in yourself and attaining your life purpose.
  • Use and develop positive patterns, tapping into your talents, skills, and strengths.
  • Harness your willpower, intention and resolve.
  • Create grounded, meaningful, and lasting success.

Since doing the course and practicing the techniques, I’ve noticed how my intention and resolve invisibly works its way into everything I say and do… The ability to clearly see the road ahead makes me feel confident that I’ll be able to walk it!
Elena Begma , Training Manager  Moscow, Russia

Connection with Course Teachers

Receive support and interaction with the course teachers Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson in the online classes at the beginning, middle and end of the course. Can’t make a class? No problem, send your questions in advance, and we’ll answer in the class, then receive a Mp3 Download of the class.

B-RobsonThank you for helping me to sort through my subconscious ‘too hard’ basket; for the inspiration and guidance. The course has helped me navigate my way out of some extremely murky water. No, it wasn’t easy but, Yes! I am healed! You have created an excellent course with very powerful practices, as my first resolve (Sankalpa) already came true!!
Belinda Robson, Yoga Teacher, Blue Mountains, Australia

Course Elements

Knowledge of Yoga and Indian Philosophy

From the vast pool of yoga knowledge, you will explore the fundamental concepts that enable you to fulfill your life purpose. You will:
– identify the three types of purpose, and see how they operate in your life.
– learn how to spiritualize your purpose, even if it feels materialistic, to harmonize your purpose with your dharma.
– access your inner resolve and liberate the inherent wisdom and energy within your chakras to become a powerful and autonomous person.

Doing the course as a couple stimulated many discussions of the concepts and how they apply to our individual and shared lives. We gained deep insights into ourselves, and into our connection. With the tools and guidance of the course we are now making more effective decisions that are aligned with our dharma. Also, we are freer from the distractions of the ego and able to live more simply. Thank you Swami Shankardev and Jayne for presenting this valuable yogic knowledge in a way that we can enjoy, understand, digest and apply to our lives. It has been a great journey.
Lynne Bowman and Neil Fox , Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, New Zealand

Meditation Practices

Powerful yoga-tantra meditations will enable you to access your subconscious mind and deep intuition (where your heart’s purpose lies). You will:
– access the desires in the chakras and channel the energy within each chakra into a laser-like intention to manifest your purpose.
– learn a powerful technique to make and activate your resolve (a sankalpa).
– gain the skills to remain focused on your goal even when facing conflict and emotional challenges.

Integration Exercises

These exercises enable you to review, evaluate your desires, and to restructure your life so they support your life purpose.

claire_blackI undertook the find life purpose course at a time when I needed to examine closely what the next stage of my life would entail. I had just resigned from my job and had not yet formulated the next stage. The course gave me the framework to work through all my desires and arrive at a set of priorities that I really believe in, and can focus on, without niggling doubts. If I had not undertaken this study, my mind would still be swirling in a confused state of possibilities, questions and doubts. I now find myself very calm, focused and excited about my future. I highly recommend that anybody seeking clarity and focus to commit to working through this course.
Claire Black , Environmental Activist and Strategic Marketer , Shanghai, China

Who is this course for?

This course is for everybody who wants to know or refine their purpose. Lack of purpose is one of the major causes of mental and physical illness. No matter what your stage of life is, or your circumstances, it is never too late to seek and develop purpose and meaning.

If you already know your life purpose but have not yet begun to live it. Or, if you have read all the books and still cannot find or achieve lasting results then this course gives you the secret. It provides the yogic tools that enable you to connect deeply and achieve your purpose.

Big Shakti training programs are designed to be studied in short, increments that fit with your busy life.

Life purpose isn’t for a chosen few. Every being on the planet has a life purpose. Knowing it is a great blessing. Living it brings meaning and fulfilment to every part of your life.

Now it’s time to find yours!





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Class 3. 4th June (Check Time In Your City)


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Class 3. 5th June (Check Time In Your City)


Course Components

– 9 Lessons

– 3 Online Classes

– 10 Meditation Techniques

– 9 Integration Exercises 


Continuing Professional Development

Time to Complete & CPD Points: 21 hrs


Publisher Info

Title: Find Life Purpose

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

Media: Online Course



First of all, Thank You very much for sharing this knowledge with us and for your warm guidance. The Find Life Purpose course is so useful for me. It prompted me to ask myself many questions which were lying dormant deep inside me for a long time. Now the answers are revealing themselves to me!

It’s not so easy to stay focused on purpose in daily life and to maintain inner peace. It takes time, so I now give myself that time. I continue with your truly wonderful meditations in the way the course prescribes. All this is helping my work, my play, and my whole life.


When I reached Lesson 8. of the Find Life Purpose course I found my resolve (sankalpa). I realized that I had so many directions and interests and that the thing holding me back was my manipura chakra, my lack of power.

I made my sankalpa; “I am becoming self-disciplined, confident and courageous”. Soon after I joined the local Labour Party and have since been appointed Vice President. This has given me a venue to express my creative ideas, one of which is to put a track out to the end of South East Cape of Tasmania, the most southern point of Australia.

My vision to help shape a future for this region has been well received and taken up by others. I have also moved towards developing a berry farm and enrolled in a berry production course, something I have toyed with doing for a very long time. In all aspects of my life, I feel the power to move forward… so THANK YOU!

During the 9-week Find Life Purpose course, I learned a great deal about myself and my life’s path. What kept surprising me was how my desires are ever-changing. I realized this in the deep meditation we practiced. In discovering how my desires show up according to the four aims and four stages of life, and through the chakras, I am now able to visualize what lies ahead, before it happens! With this understanding, I am learning how to choose which desires will benefit me in my life, and which ones will block me from moving towards my purpose.

I continue to use the course material ongoing as a tool and a guide on my life path. It is keeping me awake and conscious of where I’m heading and the choices I am making. The course resonates beyond the study and continues to bring me back to my Heart’s Desire each time I stray. I look forward to sharing some of the insights I’ve gained on my journey with my own yoga/meditation students so that they may awaken to their own consciousness.

Many thanks to you, Jayne, and Dr. Swami Shankardev for sharing this wonderfully insightful course with all those who seek to find their Heart’s Desire.