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Should Your Passion Be Buried Or Reborn?

Christine, a 40-year-old Australian artist, now living in the US, almost fell into the wrong career and surrendered her passion. But a conversation with someone she greatly admired re-orientated her life.

Words by Christine

Art and the artist’s life were my passion all through my 20s, but my 30th birthday and a broken 8-year relationship gave me a harsh reality check. Then, a steady income became more important to me than anything else.

I’d worked part-time in aged care homes. With my new aim, I trained to gain a better income, and I soon turned full time.

I planned to paint in my spare time, but it became unsustainable with a hectic social life that involved a lot of wine (and other substances), art openings, parties, celebrations, etc. Although I continued to call myself an artist, life was fun, and pleasantly uncomplicated without actually making art.

Watching Success

Years flew by without a single painting being completed. Then over a 6-month period, I noticed a fellow artist, Lucas (whose work I respected), turning out an astounding amount of work – a solo show one month, a group show the next, paid commissions the next.

“Have you hired a secret helper,” I joked at one of his exhibitions? “Oh yes, ten little fairies,” he joked back. “Seriously, what has changed”, I pressed.

“I did a course about life purpose, and it messed with my head, in the best possible way,” Lucas said.

I remember his words because, although I was happy with my therapy work and doing more training to advance my career, the fact that I did not know my life purpose made me quite sad, and very curious.

Lucas directed me to the Big Shakti website, and with a doubtful look on his face he warned, “you’ll have to commit to the course and meditate.”

I took offense at this, thinking, does Lucas think I am an uncommitted person, and that I can’t meditate? Clearly, he did.

I joined the Find Life Purpose course in Feb 2015.

As Lucas reported, the course messed with my head in the best possible way. It also messed with my emotions – changing the way I felt about myself, who I socialize with, how I socialized, and so much more.

My deepest gratitude is to the teachers for my rebirth into art and what it means to be an artist.

I discovered my life purpose is to be a real artist, not a flippant, egotistical artist who numbs herself every night with booze and drugs and wants a cozy ride through life.

The observation Lucas made was accurate; I had to stop self-medicating to become a committed person and to meditate.

180 Degree Change

The course is a beautiful and brilliant construction of differing perspectives on the self.

By lesson 6, I felt a 180-degree shift in who I am, and how I walk in this world.

The paints came out, the canvases got stretched, and the color came back into my life.

In January 2018 I became a professional artist. I no longer need to work in aged care as I’ve been adopted by a prestigious art gallery – one that had twice rejected my submissions almost 7-years prior. (Swami and Jayne convinced me to submit my new work – at the right time.)

If you want to let go of excuses and delusions about who you are and how you want to live, I recommend this course. If you gave up something that you were once passionate about, the course will show whether it should be buried or reborn.

You will, however, need to commit to the course, and do the meditations 🙂

Love and color,
Christine B
Austin, Texas


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