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I’ve completed four courses with Big Shakti. I was drawn to them in the hope that they would take what I had learned in yoga over the years to a new level of refinement. And this is what they have done, though in a very down-to-earth way. Classes are easy to follow and relaxed. Jayne and Dr. Swami Shankardev are always unpretentious and friendly. They’ve added most generously to my knowledge and practice from their own deep storehouses of wisdom and experience.

Where I wanted a better grasp of the philosophies and theory underpinning my practice, they took the complex and difficult material and drew out the essence to make it accessible. Where I was looking for more powerful practices, they helped to ease me into them. That, in my view, is good teaching. 

In “Facing the Shadow”, by its nature, a personally challenging course, participants were supported and loved, and I for one was so much braver as a result.

Each time, I enjoyed the classes, found the Q&A sessions illuminating. The guided meditations have become a vital part of my daily life.

First of all, Thank You very much for sharing this knowledge with us and for your warm guidance. The Find Life Purpose course is so useful for me. It prompted me to ask myself many questions which were lying dormant deep inside me for a long time. Now the answers are revealing themselves to me!

It’s not so easy to stay focused on purpose in daily life and to maintain inner peace. It takes time, so I now give myself that time. I continue with your truly wonderful meditations in the way the course prescribes. All this is helping my work, my play, and my whole life.


When I reached Lesson 8. of the Find Life Purpose course I found my resolve (sankalpa). I realized that I had so many directions and interests and that the thing holding me back was my manipura chakra, my lack of power.

I made my sankalpa; “I am becoming self-disciplined, confident and courageous”. Soon after I joined the local Labour Party and have since been appointed Vice President. This has given me a venue to express my creative ideas, one of which is to put a track out to the end of South East Cape of Tasmania, the most southern point of Australia.

My vision to help shape a future for this region has been well received and taken up by others. I have also moved towards developing a berry farm and enrolled in a berry production course, something I have toyed with doing for a very long time. In all aspects of my life, I feel the power to move forward… so THANK YOU!

During the 9-week Find Life Purpose course, I learned a great deal about myself and my life’s path. What kept surprising me was how my desires are ever-changing. I realized this in the deep meditation we practiced. In discovering how my desires show up according to the four aims and four stages of life, and through the chakras, I am now able to visualize what lies ahead, before it happens! With this understanding, I am learning how to choose which desires will benefit me in my life, and which ones will block me from moving towards my purpose.

I continue to use the course material ongoing as a tool and a guide on my life path. It is keeping me awake and conscious of where I’m heading and the choices I am making. The course resonates beyond the study and continues to bring me back to my Heart’s Desire each time I stray. I look forward to sharing some of the insights I’ve gained on my journey with my own yoga/meditation students so that they may awaken to their own consciousness.

Many thanks to you, Jayne, and Dr. Swami Shankardev for sharing this wonderfully insightful course with all those who seek to find their Heart’s Desire.

The relaxation meditation course gave me excellent skills to pinpoint and release stress from my body and mind, and superb coping strategies for high-stress situations. I loved the interactivity – creating/uploading my Sankalpa (resolve), and monitoring my stress (and relaxation) levels throughout the course. My growing awareness and ability to let go of stress at will is a godsend. 

Having direct contact with Swami Shankardev and Jayne throughout the course was a blessing.

The Healing the Mind Course through Big Shakti was incredible! Not only was it in-depth and detailed theoretically, but it gave me practical tools to deepen and extend my meditation practice. The information and techniques taught have really transformed both my meditation practice and my daily life. I’ve watched myself become clearer in my thinking and less reactive emotionally.  It has given me an easy to access tool to help with stressful moments in day-to-day life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – whether they be a beginner or a practitioner with meditation experience.

I began practicing Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson’s Ajapa Japa meditations several years ago and it has been a turning point in my life. I still find it the most effective practice for calming, balancing and promoting self-expression.

When I first did this practice my throat chakra had been quite constricted for many years. I would feel this energetically when the breath moved through this area of my body. The more I practiced however, the lighter and more liberated my throat felt. These changes were reflected in my daily life. My voice became more confident and I was able to express myself much more freely and openly. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

All of us who encounter your teaching feel the grace of your knowledge and the blessings of your lineage. I have no doubt that the Swami Shankardev and Jayne are casting the seeds of something so extraordinary that we cannot even imagine it yet at this time.

Dr Swami Shankardev is an excellent and profound teacher. A humble and thoughtful Yoga Acharya, he addresses his students with a strong desire to share his sacred knowledge in the true spirit of giving. After his recent visit to Jivamukti I began to practice Big Shakti’s meditation CDs. I find them extremely helpful, full of wonderful instruction and deeply soothing.

At the risk of running fate’s gauntlet, the effect of this Facing Life workshop has been profound. The relative simplicity of the meditation exercises and the down-to-earth manner in which they were taught have made continued practice surprisingly easy. They have been extremely effective in their ripple-on effect throughout my day-to-day life, in accordance with the title of his workshop. Of particular note as a doctor, my enhanced centredness has improved my ability to both sense, and simultaneously detach from my patients’ issues, thereby enhancing my ability to aid in their healing process.

In his recent Yoga-Tantra workshop Swami Shankardev gave me the advanced meditation knowledge that I have been searching for, for three years. His spiritual depth, kindness, humility, and humor drew me toward him. After the workshop, my heart was more open, my practice more fluid and refocused.

I would recommend Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson’s workshops and meditations to anyone who wants to incorporate a practice in their daily life that can have profound impact, particularly in terms of shifting longstanding patterns when other techniques have not been successful. Until their workshop, I had not been able to harness the energy required to shift from a long term partnership. Almost immediately on completing the workshop and commencing to use the Core Strength Meditations on a daily basis, I found the energy required to successfully reorganise my professional life. I moved to a new, much happier partnership.

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