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The Best Yoga Pose In The World

You can be anywhere, in almost any situation; taking a meeting, shopping, working out, or socializing, and you can perform the best yoga pose in the world. Convenient, flexible, and effective, it can be practiced on or off the mat, in any clothing, and needs no yoga props.

The best yoga pose in the world doesn’t even require a particular physical position. It takes only a thought, an awareness, to perform.

The “letting go” yoga pose

When you consciously let go of holding and contracting, whether that’s in your jaw, your shoulders, stomach, or wherever where you hold the most tension, you unravel the tightly-held form that you’ve been identifying with; the limited you.

In the letting go you are, at that moment, liberated (relatively). You reconnect with more of you, with the energies of your body and mind, those in your personal sphere, and beyond.

You are an ecosystem of connectivity.

You are more than your thoughts, your ideas, your occupation, your social identity, and your emotions. You are an ecosystem of connectivity. In every moment, you are contracting or expanding your ecosystem through your constricting or expanding awareness.

The tension connection

The letting go yoga pose doesn’t look impressive. In fact, it’s imperceptible to others. It does, however, create a powerful psychic impression; people feel it. This is because all levels of tension; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, are connected, they feed into and impact upon each other. This not only occurs in our inner world but also radiates out into the outer world.

You are in possession of this potential release at all times, whether hard at work, studying, dining with family and friends, brushing your teeth, driving, exercising, or doing yoga. It’s all about your level of awareness – how aware you are of your body and mind, and your tension/relaxation relationship.

{And BTW, pulling off a difficult yoga pose doesn’t guarantee this awareness, especially if you are trying too hard.}

Practice for moments, then seconds, then minutes

Initially, letting go cannot be maintained for long but it can be practiced for a few moments. Those moments nurture all of your body-mind systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, muscular skeletal and emotional. Aim to lengthen these periods of self-aware, non-contracted, presence, over time.

The more you practice the letting go yoga pose, the more it will become second nature, And the more of an authentic yogi you will become. All the great yogis spent most of their efforts clearing inner blockages (tensions) and connecting their inner energies (chakras, pranas). The amazing physical contortions they were capable of weren’t the main aim nor the end of their yoga practice. Remember, yoga means union and connection.

The foundations of authentic yoga

Authentic yoga begins with the skill of relaxation. Without relaxation, union and connection (yoga itself), is limited.

Our relaxation meditation course progressively trains you in the vital yogic skill of relaxation. In the course, you get up close and personal with your individual holding, contraction pattern. You deconstruct and monitor the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stresses that impact your inner and outer life. Three powerful yoga-meditation techniques systematically help you to release these stresses.

The letting go yoga pose becomes an embodied skill you can use anytime and anywhere.

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