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The One Thing You Can Do To Bring Yoga Into Every Situation

Did you know that you can engage in a yoga posture and a meditative state in almost any situation; while taking a meeting, shopping, working out, or socializing?

Here, we define a yoga posture as any position that enables deeper awareness, embodiment, and connection.

This practice needs no yoga props or special conditions. It only takes a decision to perform, and a skill, which can be learned and cultivated.

In today’s world, the majority of people are stuck in states of contraction (tension) caused by stress, strain, overthinking and overwhelm.

Unchecked contracted states eventuate in illness.

Contraction diminishes your life-force by cutting you off from parts of yourself.

  • Physical contraction cuts one part of the body off from another.
  • Psychological contraction cuts off self-awareness which creates anxiety.
  • Emotional contraction cuts off feeling and connection with others.
  • Spiritual contraction cuts you off from cosmic energies, which causes alienation.

Your feeling states, contracted or relaxed, also create a powerful impression which others can sense, for better or for worse.

You are an ecosystem of connectivity.

When you consciously relax and let go of contraction, whether in your jaw, shoulders, stomach or in your thinking and feelings, you unravel the tightly-held form that you’re identified with. You expand your ecosystem of connectivity.

You reconnect with more of you, with the energies of your body, mind, environment, and beyond. Pulsation is a characteristic of letting go that leads to good health.

Right now, how aware are you of the relationship between tension and relaxation in your body and mind? How capable are you in letting go of the deep tensions in your body, mind, and emotions?

Learn to relax and let go.

You have the potential to release contractions at all times, whether hard at work, studying, dining with family and friends, cooking, driving, exercising, or doing yoga.

The key is to learn how to balance contraction (tension) with relaxation and letting go, so that you pulsate with life-force, with shakti.

While relaxation is relatively easy, the capacity to let go is an advanced yogic skill that many yoga students never learn.

Moments, seconds, minutes.

When you first learn the skill of letting go, it can only be sustained for a few moments.

But these short moments of release nurture all of your body-mind systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, muscular-skeletal, emotional and psychological.

Over time, these periods of self-aware, non-contracted presence become extended.

Eventually, relaxation and letting go become second nature and you feel that you have vast reserves of shakti flowing within and all around you.

Learn the skill of relaxation so that you can effectively let go.

Without the skills of relaxation and letting go, the essence of yoga (union and connection) is limited.

Big Shakti’s Relaxation Meditation Course trains you in the yogic skill of relaxation and letting go, enabling you to:

  • Realise the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stresses that impact your inner and outer life.
  • Release your holding and contracting pattern, and the trapped energy that’s causes fatigue and illness.
  • Embody letting go while remaining focused and effective in any situation.
  • Gain conscious control over your vitality.

What others say:

“A short note of appreciation for your online Relaxation Course. When I enrolled, I expected to learn about relaxation and relaxation techniques. I did not expect to be given such a valuable resource that will stay with me for the rest of my life! And this is what the course has turned out to be for me. The helpful suggestions, the techniques, and the stress diary have all encouraged me to carry what I have learned into my daily life making every moment so much more enjoyable and alive.

The course is beautifully presented, easy to follow and most generous in its sharing of knowledge and techniques. I certainly encourage others to undertake this study.”

Sagar Obrien

Watch Dr Swami Shankardev’s brief course overview…


{Article updated June 11, 2019}

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