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The Five Keys to Health and Wellbeing

The Five Keys To Health And Wellbeing

Yoga and meditation have been proven to increase health and wellbeing and have been incorporated into the newly emerging holistic science of mind-body medicine.

There are five keys that make the process of gaining health and wellbeing simple and enjoyable. They do not require that you impose major changes and disciplines on yourself such as strict dietary regimens and rigorous exercise program.

1. Cultivate self-awareness

The foundation of wellbeing is the cultivation of self-awareness, which is the primary aim of all yoga and meditation. Health and wellbeing are side effects that arise from the cultivation of self-awareness. Self-awareness allows you to tune into your body, mind and life. The more self-aware you are the more you will know what you need. It is then up to you to make intelligent choices that you enjoy in order to effect real, positive change.

2. Generate energy (shakti)

You need energy to fuel your body and mind, and to have the power and strength to engage life with resilience and joy. The primary way to generate energy and vitality is through deep restful sleep, a good diet, relaxation and meditation.

Deep restful sleep is the most important ingredient in generating energy. Lack of sleep leading to fatigue is a major cause of illness. Yoga Nidra is one of the best techniques to generate deep rest, especially if sleep is not efficient. A half hour of practice is the equivalent of 3 -4 hours of sleep. You also generate energy through a good diet that is balanced and appropriate for your body type.

3. Store energy

Once you have generated energy you need to store it in your energy bank account. The quality and quantity of the energy stored determines the strength of your constitution, your natural resistance to disease and your recuperative powers. Prana and Pranic Healing builds energy and forms part of a profound system of healing and rejuvenation. It teaches you how to generate and store energy.

4. Use energy wisely

The next step is to use your energy wisely in ways that continue to cultivate health, strength and wellbeing. Regular exercise and activity has been medically proven to help a myriad of modern physical and mental health issues. To use energy wisely it is important to have a sense of purpose. Purpose gives our life focus and uses our energy in ways that are creative and bring joy and fulfillment. Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire teaches you how to find your purpose and create strong willpower and intention.

If you are unwell and want to participate in your own healing the Prana and Pranic Healing techniques teach you how to channel energy in the body to areas that require healing and to prevent illness. If you need to use energy to face problems and difficulties Core Strength Calm Mind teaches you how to use your energy to remain relaxed, grounded and strong during stressful events.

5. Cultivate psychological wellbeing

You can learn how to reverse negative habits of thought and behavior that detriment our health and wellbeing and cultivate positive habits and attitudes that support you. Optimism can be cultivated. Ajapa Japa supports mental peace and focus and is a systematic training program that aims at making you master of your mind and emotions. It supports mental peace and focus and is part of a systematic training program. You will find yourself worrying less, eating better, exercising efficiently and laughing more.

Regular small changes deliver big results

Big Shakti provides the know-how and the techniques for health and wellbeing. These techniques allow you to make small changes in a step-wise progression. The results are increased physical health, emotional stability, and psychological wellbeing.

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