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The Magic Of Guru Purnima and The Total Lunar Eclipse

Time to acknowledge your wisdom givers

July 27th brings the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. It coincides with Guru Purnima; the celebration of the guru.

Seers and mystics favour eclipses for spiritual practice. It’s a time when your efforts will be amplified—seen, heard, and enjoyed by your spiritual mothers and fathers, and thereby rewarded.

Pay homage to your guru if you have one, and to your inner guru, the light and consciousness that reveals your true path.

Pray, meditate, perform mantras, or rituals, or simply practice self-awareness and reflection.

Remember all forms of guru; your teachers, mentors, ancestors, family members, and special friends whose light and wisdom became your light and wisdom.

With thanks to our teachers and gurus who have enriched our lives, and enabled us to share the Vidya; wisdom-knowledge.

All blessings to you on this day.

Jayne and Swami Shankardev

{Photo by Tirza van Dijk}

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