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The Definition and Meaning Of Love

Have you wondered about the definition of love? Can you define love?  Do you know the meaning of love? I sure have thought about love. So much so that I invited a few of my brave and emotionally articulate friends to be part of a little experimental video – Love Is. They each do a brilliant job of defining the elusive, wondrous nature and meaning of love.  

This short video, LOVE IS. was made over two decades ago, but love is eternal, as is the wisdom and generosity of those who appear in this video. May it delight and inspire you to contemplate your own definitions and feelings about love…

Questions about love

Are there different kinds of love or is there just one love?

Is love the fire of passion and desire or the peace and silence of stillness?

Are love and pain linked?

Does love liberate or bind us?

Can you learn to love if you weren’t loved as a child?

Is love the cure or must we be healthy to love?

How can wisdom help the unloved?

Is anyone ever unloved?

What is cosmic love?

Tip: Wait for the special ending where you actually get loved.

Happy Love Day!

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