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Healing and creativity are my two abiding loves. They have sustained and nourished me over my life and represent my core purpose. I’ve practiced in both fields for many years. For a long time, I believed that my twin passions would remain separate, but in 2004, I envisioned an accessible, reputable online teaching platform. The outcome? Big Shakti – a place where people can gain ongoing access to authentic wisdom and tools for healing.

As co-founder and director of Big Shakti, I direct our creative output and co-create our learning tools with Dr Swami Shankardev. I enjoy connecting with our students and subscribers and am proud to always offer superb care.

I have spent many years studying and working with dreams and the psyche. I have documented my own dreams for decades, and followed the masters Carl Jung,  Robert Johnson and James Hillman. Dreams reveal the most important parts of us in finding our wholeness – the sacred and the dispossessed. Dreams are a potent path to gaining self-knowledge and fostering creativity. Read more about my Healing and Dreamwork Session.

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My Journey

I met my principal teacher, Professor Lun Wong, in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982. A wonderfully wise and compassionate healer and teacher, he inspired me to study martial arts, Dao meditation, and Traditional Chinese therapies. I studied with him for over a decade and this training formed a powerful ethical and spiritual foundation that has governed my life.

I have also written and directed several award-winning films that have screened in art galleries, film festivals, cinemas, and television networks around the world, including Australia, the United States and Europe. From 1993 to 2004 I played an integral role in the development of an ethical Australian advertising company as marketing and creative director. I supported the company’s growth from small beginnings to multi-million dollar status.



Dao, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Therapies Certificates (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melbourne Australia) 1986
Diploma of Design (Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne) 1982
Graduate Certificate Multi-Platform Content AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) 2010
Australian Writers Guild Member (Since 1993)

My favourite meditations

Ajapa Japa Meditation | Breath Mantra Consciousness
Core Strength Calm Mind Meditations
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