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We blend ancient yoga-tantra wisdom with modern depth psychology
to guide you toward profound physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Discover our expert-led meditations, courses, and teachings designed to empower self-awareness, resilience, and personal transformation. They help you reduce stress, increase vitality, and awaken your highest potential.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, our experienced teachers, Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson, will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Join our global community and unlock the infinite potential within you for a vibrant, more fulfilling life.

Teachers & Cofounders

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a western medical doctor, Yoga Acharya (authority), Yoga Therapist, psychotherapist, author, and teacher.


Jayne Stevenson

Jayne Stevenson, Cofounder and Director of Big Shakti is a counselor, dreamworker and writer with a passion for healing and spirituality.


Our Accreditations​

Big Shakti’s courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA) as Continuing Education (contact hours), Yoga Australia, Satyananda Yoga Academy, and SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association) for Continuing Professional Development.


What Our Students Are Saying

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  • Big Shakti provides worldwide access to the kind of knowledge, which is historically only available in a personal relationship with a master teacher. The programs are deeply enriching, it always feels personal, and Big Shakti is quick to respond to any question or concern. The study programs have been of immense value in my practice.

    Christine Brahmi Romero


  • Big Shakti has applied the ancient wisdom of Yoga in accessible practical ways for our current age. It is freeing, yet challenging, and it’s evolving study. I have found myself more at peace, confident, grounded; improvement in relationships, and my smile is more regularly warm. I am thankful for the courses they offer online and recommend this as a good means for learning and expanding one’s knowledge of self.

    Bryan Southall


  • What I enjoy about Big Shakti online courses and meditations is their combination of wisdom and practice. They have helped to clarify my understanding and thus allowed my practice to become alive, useful and meaningful. As a teacher, I am better able to explain the science behind the techniques, which my very Western students appreciate.

    Laure Carter


  • I have gained noticeable results, including: improved sense of wellbeing, increased inner strength, calmness and serenity, increased stamina, and the ability to deal with stress and life’s challenges. Although simple, the techniques are powerful, based in authentic tradition of tantric yoga, and thus different from many of the 'new age' meditation instructions which have a much more superficial effect on our mind-body system.

    Tamara Vokes M.D.


  •  I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is interested in authentic meditation and true self-discovery. These meditations have guided me to a place were I can see myself in a loving, non-judgmental way. I find this to be very fulfilling. As a result of using this exceptional chakras practice I am more grounded, aware and connected.

    Edward Russell


  • It is quite evident from the start of using Swami Shankardev's guidance that these techniques are truly effective. The guided Yoga Nidra complements my own practice in this type of relaxation meditation. Having a "coach" of this calibre to lead me through the territory of the body is a blessing.

    Jill Pederson


  • I would recommend Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson's workshops and meditations to anyone who wants to incorporate a practice in their daily life that can have profound impact, particularly in terms of shifting longstanding patterns when other techniques have not been successful. 

    Heather McKinnon


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