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Big Shakti: Courses in Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Therapy

Welcome to Big Shakti

If you’re seeking a potent, proven system of healing, self-development and spiritual awakening, we’re here to support you. We blend the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation with modern psychology and philosophy to help you achieve optimum health and wellness – in body, mind and spirit.

  • Harness your own healing power with nurturing, supportive educational tools
  • Discover online courses and guided meditations to enhance your wellbeing
  • Experience healing, enlightenment and life-changing benefits, based on proven techniques from expert teachers

Our products incorporate higher yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and psychotherapy to improve every aspect of your health. And whether you’re new to these modalities or you’re a trained practitioner, you’ll find exceptional tools to enrich your practice and deepen your sense of wellbeing. Oh, and if you’re wondering what “Big Shakti” means, you can find out right here.

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I have never been disappointed with your products. You are thoughtful, very, very kind and extremely knowledgeable. I refer clients (patients), family and friends to Big Shakti all the time. Thank you for your amazing and very needed work.


My absolute trust for Big Shakti’s team derives from all the benefits I’ve enjoyed since I started practicing their beautiful methods. What I like most is that they provide knowledge and experience in a structured way, with care, love and, yes, empathy. It is like having a trusted friend that helps you when needed.

As a Yoga devotee for 35 years I am convinced, more than ever, that embodying Big Shakti’s Teachings is one of the most essential and far reaching processes a Yogi can embark upon. I am determined to continue the practices in the long-term. I remain in your debt for this doorway into deeper, profound levels of Self.


Light On Yogi: Blaise Angel, Yoga Teacher – Switzerland

Light On Yogi: Blaise Angel, Yoga Teacher – Switzerland

Words by Blaise Angel

As a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in Switzerland, I teach relaxation and meditation techniques. I have been doing that job for many years and am a highly experienced practitioner. I teach classes in my studio, in jails, to businesses, and corporations.

My yoga journey began at age 18. I studied and became a Registered Teacher with T.K.W Desikachar yoga program in Switzerland. I further qualified as a Satyananda Yoga teacher in Paris, and I’ve completed various courses at the Bihar School of Yoga over a ten year period.

While I enjoyed a successful career as a radio producer in Switzerland and basked in the spotlight, yoga put light on my inner-life. I’ve never looked back because nothing is more rewarding than sharing that light with my students.

I have studied all of Big Shakti courses, but when it came to their Relaxation Meditation course, I held off because I thought it would be too basic for me but since I found their other courses so well conceptualized and executed, I decided to try it.

Effectively, I discovered a well-structured system of teaching, with such precise information, and such a pleasant way to learn relaxation-meditation, quickly and deeply.

I gained new knowledge and tools which have enhanced how I understand, experience and teach relaxation meditation.

I absolutely and warmly recommend Big Shakti’s Relaxation and Meditation Course to beginners, yoga teachers, and all people in need of an effective stress management program.

This excellent course provides techniques to address long-term deep tensions as well as the daily, sudden stresses that seem beyond our control.

Although Big Shakti exists far from Switzerland, their thoughtful online learning platform makes it possible to follow their classes and courses from the antipode.

I enroll in every learning program Big Shakti conducts because of their standard of teaching, their authenticity, and support.

Blaise Angel, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Learn to release long-term and daily stress with our Relaxation Meditation Course

Self-paced | 15 Topics | 5 Meditation Techniques | 7 Integration Exercises | Teacher Support | CPD Points: 15.5 hrs | Full Price US$97.00

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