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Iain Bennett (Trinetra)  - Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

“I would highly recommend anyone interested in yoga and personal growth attend a seminar by Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson. One of the first things you notice about Swami Shankardev's style of lecturing is his wealth of knowledge and experience, delivered in a practical, "down to earth" manner. His sense of humor helps, also, to connect with participants, as well as help people remember the very important information contained within the seminars. The interactive nature of the seminar also helped people to feel a part of the proceedings and not just a number in a crowd.
For myself, one of the most important aspects of the seminar was the focus on awareness and its being the foundation of all practice and the most essential or core elements in facing life. This has become a focus for me (and I'm sure many others in the group), not just during yoga sessions but in day-to-day life, at work, and with my family. In fact, it recently helped me deal with a situation with my teenage son, ending in an outcome that helped both of us. Not running from life, but facing our experiences with awareness is what Shankardev reinforced to us. ”

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

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Tom Davidson-Marx - Honolulu, USA

“I purchased 4 of Big Shakti's guided meditation programs from the Atma Center in Ohio, USA, and am SO GRATEFUL!!! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for the tremendous benefit I have gained from the meditations (after 15 years of practice--these are by far the BEST!)”

Honolulu, USA

Big Shakti
Jill Pederson - Roseau, Minnesota USA

“What I find most compelling about Big Shakti’s guided meditations is the simplicity of style in which he presents the breathing and meditation practices while sensing the undertow of trusted authority and authenticity underlying the instruction. To deeply understand what it means to hold unbroken awareness or to connect and/or charge the chakras is not haphazardly accomplished. It is immediately evident that Big Shakti offers us a deep understanding of these ancient techniques, and somehow, they succeed in translating these complex movements for a practice that feels very friendly and doable upfront yet with a sense of depthless opportunity long-term. It is quite evident from the start that these techniques are truly effective. Having a "coach" of this caliber guiding me is a blessing; as a skeptic, eliciting this trust right off the bat was a gratifying surprise.”

Roseau, Minnesota USA

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Christine Brahmi Romero - Yoga Instructor,  Washington DC, USA

“Big Shakti provides worldwide access to the kind of knowledge that is historically only available in a personal relationship with a master teacher. The programs are deeply enriching, and the energy generated by going "live" with Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati, Jayne Stevenson, and an international group of seekers is amazing. At the same time, it always feels personal, and Big Shakti is quick to respond to any question or concern. The study programs have been of immense value in my practice.”

Yoga Instructor, Washington DC, USA

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Chrysa Apostolopoulou - Ministry of National Defense Financial Department

“Big Shakti's online programs are planned with extreme care and knowledge, and they are valuable tools for self-study. They are easy to follow, and they always make me feel like the teacher is in my mind, knowing my needs and what I want to explore. Whether it is a meditation, a Yoga Nidra, or a program about facing our shadow or discovering our life's purpose, their quality and power are unique. My absolute trust in Big Shakti's team derives from all the benefits I've enjoyed since I started practicing its beautiful methods. It is very comforting to have the possibility of choosing a Grounding Meditation when feeling agitated or Facing the Shadow meditation when having the need to look deep into my soul. What I like most about Big Shakti's work is that they provide knowledge and experience in a structured way, with care, love, and, yes, empathy. It is like having a trusted friend who helps you when needed.”

Ministry of National Defense Financial Department

Big Shakti
Ray Rixon - Artist, Art Teacher & Yoga Instructor, Coffs Harbour, Australia

“As a Yoga devotee for 35 years, I am convinced, more than ever, that embodying Big Shakti's Teachings is one of the most essential and far-reaching processes a Yogi can embark upon. I am determined to continue the practices in the long term. I remain in your debt for this doorway into deeper, profound levels of Self.”

Artist, Art Teacher & Yoga Instructor, Coffs Harbour, Australia

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Deborah Garland  - Yoga Instructor, Paradise Valley, Arizona USA

“Heartfelt gratitude to both of you. I have been longing for this deep connection to teachings that can only be transmitted by the Teacher. I understand that you are conveying many subtle levels of communication to us through your expertly crafted courses. The meditations are helping me stay centered and present. My sense of self-awareness is heightened, and I am able to witness my thoughts, actions, and emotions throughout the day.”

Yoga Instructor, Paradise Valley, Arizona USA

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Belinda Robson  - Yoga Teacher, Blue Mountains NSW, Australia

“Thank you so much for your wonderful courses. As the carer of an autistic child, I face massive challenges 24/7/365! It has been difficult for me to connect with teachers. If I make it out the door at all some days, it's a miracle. I definitely think that your online courses have so much to offer the disabled and their carers (who are generally a stressed-out and depressed bunch). I really love the way you combine meditation, psychology, and spiritual concepts in such a user-friendly, manageable format. I am calmer, less reactive, more creative, and productive despite life constantly hurling bombs at me. I am grateful for your guidance. Not many Yoga teachers have the experience to guide me in this way. I feel connected and trusting of you because you have shown me how to trust and connect with myself in a most real and wonderful way.”

Yoga Teacher, Blue Mountains NSW, Australia

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Mouna Burns  - Lecturer & Yoga Teacher, Tatton NSW, Australia

“Big Shakti's online courses are exceptional because of the wisdom they share, the teachers who teach it, and the way the courses are presented. The credible Eastern and Western perspectives allow the topic to be understood more easily. The valuable homework reflections, teamed with thorough Q&A opportunities as well as specific breath work and meditation practices, bring the knowledge into daily life. Access to technical and personal support throughout the study is priceless. All facets of online learning are integrated to form an excellent resource that provides an opportunity for change.”

Lecturer & Yoga Teacher, Tatton NSW, Australia

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Ben Paul Owens - Management Consultant & Martial Artist, Sydney, NSW Australia

“I highly recommend Big Shakti's courses to anyone considering them. They are great value and easily accessible. The courses are in-depth and insightful, delivered with obvious care for participants and a passion for sharing their unique knowledge and experience. The materials provided with the courses, such as meditations, activities, and notes, are an added bonus!”

Management Consultant & Martial Artist, Sydney, NSW Australia

Big Shakti
Bryan Southall - Yoga Teacher, Breamlea, Victoria, Australia

“Big Shakti has applied the ancient wisdom of Yoga in accessible practical ways for our current age. It is freeing, yet challenging, and it's evolving study. I have found myself more at peace, confident, grounded; improvement in relationships, and my smile is more regularly warm. I am thankful to Jayne and Swami Shankardev for the courses they offer online and recommend this as a good means for learning and expanding one's knowledge of self.”

Yoga Teacher, Breamlea, Victoria, Australia

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Laure Carter  - Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Delray Beach, Florida, United States

“What I enjoy about Big Shakti online courses and meditations is their combination of wisdom and practice. They have helped to clarify my understanding of certain yogic terms in the light of modern Western psychology, and thus allowed my practice to become alive, useful and meaningful As a teacher, I am better able to explain the science behind the techniques, which my very Western students appreciate. There is an urgent need for yogic mind management in today's society. Once known these techniques can be practiced by everybody no matter what challenge they may be facing from depression to the constant mind chatter. Big Shakti's courses offer a bridge that Westerners can cross trustingly.”

Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Delray Beach, Florida, United States

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Silke Schroeder - Yoga Teacher, Paris, France

“I first met Dr. Swami Shankardev in the early 2000's just at the beginning of my yoga teacher career. I was struck by his wealth of knowledge and his ability to translate it in a most relevant, down-to-earth manner. His breadth of knowledge is not only for teachers, but for anyone in search of greater self-awareness, and for ways to deepen their yoga and meditation practice and enjoy life more. In recent years, I am impressed by how he, Jayne Stevenson, and their support team have created a learning platform that can create a similar environment for profound learning, online. The courses do not only provide more knowledge for a teaching repertoire but offer practical tools for engaging in life with greater skill and happiness. As Dr. Shankardev has said, "Yoga is the penetration of consciousness into your day-to-day life." In my experience, the courses offered through Big Shakti are an effective, powerful, gratifying way to get there.”

Yoga Teacher, Paris, France

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Philip Jackson  - Educational Research University of Western Sydney Leura, NSW Australia

“I was very doubtful about doing meditation and yoga online when Big Shakti first offered their courses, but I since had to eat my words! Big Shakti is creating very important transformative work in times that demand this learning. Despite the concerns I had about participating such learning online, Swami Shankardev and Jayne have managed to keep a great feeling of connection and intimacy with the group. I feel lucky to be able to hook into so much wisdom at home as I live a long way from the city. Thanks again for sharing the depth of knowledge and wisdom and I look forward to many more courses. Peace to you both. For myself, one of the most important aspects of the seminar was the focus on awareness and its being the foundation of all practice and the most essential or core elements in facing life. This has become a focus for me (and I'm sure many others in the group), not just during yoga sessions but in day-to-day life, at work, and with my family. In fact, it recently helped me deal with a situation with my teenage son, ending in an outcome that helped both of us. Not running from life, but facing our experiences with awareness is what Shankardev reinforced to us. ”

Educational Research University of Western Sydney Leura, NSW Australia

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Lynn Gordon MSc  - Counsellor and Yoga Teacher, Sheridan, Wyoming USA

“Yoga is such an ancient practice, at times seemingly too complex to understand, let alone master, because of its depth and its roots in antiquity. Yet, Big Shakti makes it so modern and available to all of us, regardless of whether one is a beginner or a teacher. Big Shakti takes yoga, with its many facets – philosophy, postures, breath, psychology, health and lifestyle, and puts it in a down-to-earth, user-friendly format. As a counsellor, I have really appreciated deepening my understanding of both yoga and Western psychology, and I have seen the value this brings that to my clients. In addition, what makes Big Shakti really valuable is the integrity, sincerity, knowledge, skill and warmth of Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson. I can ask them anything and know I will get accuracy, experience, expert knowledge and wisdom. I have made a pledge to myself to attend every course Big Shakti offers.”

Counsellor and Yoga Teacher, Sheridan, Wyoming USA

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Alka Kapur, Gyanshakti  - Yoga Teacher, Carmel, Indiana US

“I have participated in most of the online offerings by Big Shakti. I feel blessed to receive continued guidance and support from both Dr Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson. It has been over 12 years since I first met Swami Shankardev, and he has remained one of my primary teachers on the yogic path. He has an extraordinary ability to transmit deep spiritual truths in a gentle yet rigorous manner. He combines wisdom and a profound knowledge of the "shastra" with a genuine desire to help and heal. The online programs are meticulously designed to promote inner strength, greater connection and deep, authentic knowledge.I am deeply grateful to both Dr Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson.”

Yoga Teacher, Carmel, Indiana US

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Jemina Darke - Photographer, Sydney, NSW Australia

“Jayne Stevenson and Swami Shankardev have the unique ability to present and explain what can be complex esoteric topics in simple ways that are relevant to everyday life. Their education programs are thoroughly transformative. They have helped me to make sense of my life by awakening dormant skills and greater awareness of who I am and who I want to be. Their use of meditation and spiritual awareness techniques from both Eastern and Western systems is so effective that I have moved from a fragmented state to a centered, focused state. This brings hope, trust, and great purpose to my life.”

Photographer, Sydney, NSW Australia

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Sarah Lovell  - Sales Administrator, Gordano Ltd Bristol, UK

“I am collecting all of your meditations because I find them to be the best out there. I have tried many different meditations and apps but they have not been as high quality or effective. I was struggling to get 3 hours quality sleep and my health was really suffering. Your meditations are clear, very well enunciated, and the voice itself is very soothing. I listen to one of the five titles every night. My general wellbeing has improved and sleep has stopped being an issue for me.”

Sales Administrator, Gordano Ltd Bristol, UK

Big Shakti
Margo Harker  - Historian and Writer, Canberra, Australia

“I've completed four courses with Big Shakti. I was drawn to them in the hope that they would take what I had learned in yoga over the years to a new level of refinement. And this is what they have done, though in a very down-to-earth way. Classes are easy to follow and relaxed. Jayne and Dr. Swami Shankardev are always unpretentious and friendly. They've added most generously to my knowledge and practice from their own deep storehouses of wisdom and experience. Where I wanted a better grasp of the philosophies and theory underpinning my practice, they took the complex and difficult material and drew out the essence to make it accessible. Where I was looking for more powerful practices, they helped to ease me into them. That, in my view, is good teaching. In "Facing the Shadow", by its nature, a personally challenging course, participants were supported and loved, and I, for one, was so much braver as a result. Each time, I enjoyed the classes and found the Q&A sessions illuminating. The guided meditations have become a vital part of my daily life.”

Historian and Writer, Canberra, Australia

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José Rodrigo Niño, LCPC  - Psychotherapist, Mosaic Counseling Center, Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA

“I have never been disappointed with your products. You are thoughtful, very, very kind and extremely knowledgeable. I refer clients (patients), family and friends to Big Shakti all the time. Thank you for your amazing and very needed work.”

Psychotherapist, Mosaic Counseling Center, Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA

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Dr. Elaine Himadi M.D. - Psychiatrist, Iowa City, USA

“Big Shakti's study programs provide a path to enlightenment and a practical yet highly spiritual means of attaining a more aware state wherever you are in your own development. Both Swami Shankardev and Jayne support your growth and learning in a safe, loving environment where questions are seen as part of the learning. The structure of the theory has given me the basis on which to build. It has helped me to understand so much about my life and the lives of those around me. I feel supported and held.”

Psychiatrist, Iowa City, USA

Big Shakti
Dr. Elizabeth Kaziro - Project Manager Master of Forensic Mental Health School of Psychiatry University of NSW, Australia

“I believe what you are presenting is a very fascinating science that deserves full attention. I hope your courses are propagated and available to many people from many walks of life, and that they receive the noteworthy response they absolutely deserve!”

Project Manager Master of Forensic Mental Health School of Psychiatry University of NSW, Australia

Big Shakti
James Bailey  - Sevanti Ayurveda and Acupuncture California USA

“All of us who encounter your teaching feel the grace of your knowledge and the blessings of your lineage. I have no doubt that Swami Shankardev and Jayne are casting the seeds of something so extraordinary that we cannot even imagine it yet at this time.”

Sevanti Ayurveda and Acupuncture California USA

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Leigh Ridden  - Integrative Health. Education. Wellbeing Practitioner, Sydney Australia

“Big Shakti's study programs offer a multidimensional learning experience delivered with the highest standards. Dr Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson are master educators and also exceptional communicators. They provide rich and authentic access to decades of knowledge and practical application. I am thankful to have my lifelong learning path facilitated by awakened albeit genuine and approachable facilitators!”

Integrative Health. Education. Wellbeing Practitioner, Sydney Australia

Big Shakti
Rose Donaghy  - Canterbury, New Zealand

“Big Shakti is a great resource. Jayne and Shankardev have a lot of knowledge and experience that is not commonly available, and they are able to share and teach this complex and in-depth knowledge in very clear, practical, and accessible ways. They provide clear graphics that are very helpful and teach practices that can be easily used and incorporated into everyday life. I am keen to learn more with them.”

Canterbury, New Zealand

Big Shakti
Susan Dibley -  Australia

“My spiritual path, like most, has been a meandering road with many tangents, bumps, and potholes. However, in recent years, I have had the privilege of attending a few illuminating seminars by Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson. Big Shakti’s courses have allowed my personal understanding and sadhana (practice) to blossom. Spirituality is such a vast topic, and it was wonderful to learn some solid foundations on which to base my sadhana, allowing me to grow and develop with conviction and deeper understanding. As a result of these courses, mantra and awareness have become integral to daily life, and I am thrilled to be feeling connected with the universe and light again. With the support of his Big Shakti’s guided meditations, I feel empowered to continue learning and enjoying the essence in all life. For this, I am eternally grateful.”


Big Shakti
Ursula Racic - Sydney, Australia

“Swami Shankardev's love of people and his passion for teaching the way of yoga inspires one to continue practicing the techniques. He is renowned for his ability to deliver yogic practices and philosophy in a manner that ignites an inner passion, motivating you to make these concepts a living reality in your life. This seminar (Facing Life) provides the ideal structure in which to learn and absorb, gradually leading you deeper into an understanding of how to self-direct your own sadhana and lifestyle.”

Sydney, Australia

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Shivadasi - Yoga Teacher, Jivamukti New York, NY USA

“Dr. Swami Shankardev is an excellent and profound teacher. A humble and thoughtful Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga), he addresses his students with a strong desire to share his sacred knowledge in the true spirit of giving. After his visit to Jivamukti, I began to practice Big Shakti's guided meditations. I find them extremely helpful, full of wonderful instruction, and deeply soothing.”

Yoga Teacher, Jivamukti New York, NY USA

Big Shakti
Jason James - Barranquilla, Colombia, South America

“Dr. Swami Shankardev is both a dynamic Yogi and a brilliant intellectual who embodies a mix of health practitioner and psychotherapist, as well as a sense of humor, which is common only to stand-up artists and team coaches all blended into one; quite an authentic and modern Yogi indeed. He gave a meticulous yet informal speech and conveyed a unique sense of what the Yogic lifestyle is really all about with so much energy, enthusiasm, impeccable serenity, and laser-like attention. He dared people to give meditation a chance, at least a try! That was long ago, and I have since practiced many of Big Shakti's meditations. I believe they are the most authentic meditations available today and are perfect for aspiring yoga practitioners.”

Barranquilla, Colombia, South America

Big Shakti
Ajanta Suri  - Yoga Teacher, Barcelona, Spain

“Swami Shankardev radiates the light and knowledge of his lineage along with a great sense of humor and a certain simplicity and lightness of being. Not a small feat! Big Shakti is a valuable site for all aspiring to yoga, laymen and advanced practitioners alike. Thank you for the great work!”

Yoga Teacher, Barcelona, Spain

Big Shakti
Dharmendra Modha - San Jose, USA

“It is scarce indeed to find a true knower of yoga. Swami Shankardev Saraswati is one such rare gem. He has distilled the highest knowledge of yoga and made it accessible to common people like me via Big Shakti’s guided meditations. Owning these guided meditations is like being with Swamiji and learning from him at your home and at a time convenient to you. The guided meditations reveal progressively deeper knowledge upon practice. I have been infused with clarity and equanimity after my practice sessions with the guided meditations. The guided meditations provide an accelerated inroad straight into the heart of most advanced yogic techniques. The concepts of grounding, alignment, and pulsation in the Core Strength Calm Mind course seem so universal that I find myself taking them beyond the yoga practice to my daily life. I am most grateful to Swamiji for taking the time to create these guided meditations and for his kindness and thoughtfulness in making this knowledge available to us. ”

San Jose, USA

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Karla Becker (Sat Bachan Kaur) - Indianapolis, Indiana

“I was privileged to attend a series of three workshops on Prana given by Shankardev when he was in Indianapolis. I found his teachings to be clear and practical, and I was able to apply them in my own practice of Kundalini Yoga.
During that week, he spoke at my company, and one of the attendees told me, “The presentation today was the clearest and most complete explanation of yoga I have ever read or heard. It was also humorous, which, of course, is an excellent communication technique. I heard at least two people say they intend to take up yoga again."
As a result of his workshops, I bought all of his Guided Meditations, "Yoga Nidra, "The Chakras," and "Core Strength Calm Mind". I have been using the Yoga Nidra guided meditation in the evenings to unwind after work. My practice has given me a sense of deep relaxation, and afterward, I have felt rejuvenated and energized for the remainder of my evening.
I have enjoyed listening to and practicing the guided meditations. As a Kundalini yoga teacher, I have appreciated the precise body location descriptions of the chakras. Swami Shankardev's background as a medical practitioner is evident in his ability to help me visualize what is happening in my body as he gently guides me through the meditations. I would recommend his guided meditations to anyone wanting to learn meditation or to deepen their own practice. His approach is wonderful for all levels of students. ”

Indianapolis, Indiana

Big Shakti
Woong Le Leng (Ms) - Malaysia

“I have been practicing yoga for over two years and meditating for about a year. Due to having high blood pressure, I picked up Dr Swami Shankardevananda's book, 'Yoga on Hypertension'. Through meditation, I have deepened my awareness, benefiting from his book and knowledge. I would like to convey my heart-felt thanks to him.”


Big Shakti
Tamara Vokes, M.D. - University of Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Incorporating Big Shakti's guided meditations into my regular practice has yielded remarkable results in just a few short weeks. I've noticed a profound improvement in my overall sense of well-being, accompanied by a newfound inner strength and resilience. These meditations have cultivated a deep sense of calm and serenity within me, enabling me to approach life's challenges with greater ease and equanimity.”

University of Chicago, Illinois, USA

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