Healing and Dream Sessions
with Jayne Stevenson

Reconnect with your creativity, vitality, and inner wisdom as you experience the transformative benefits of healing and dreamwork sessions.

"The session with you was pivotal in helping me face my inhibitions and find authentic self expression. So timely too, 6 weeks before my wedding! The meditation was amazing. I have been meditating for 15 years but never experienced a technique as personal to me, precisely targeting where I’m blocked and what I want out of life. Your healing ways are unique and profound."

Alison C. Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, UK

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Spiritual Alchemy - Jayne Stevenson

Benefits of a Healing Session

Healing sessions address your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Explore the feelings and beliefs that create areas of struggle in your life. By identifying and understanding blocked energy, you can unleash your creative potential.

My goal is to help you:

  • Connect the dots between your feelings, beliefs, behaviors, personality, and karma.
  • See how your struggles can lead to healing and growth.
  • Find the hidden strengths in the emotions you dislike (the shadow).
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Experience powerful personalized meditations to help you connect with your hidden feelings and unrealized desires.
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Big Shakti

“Discovering Jayne's articles in 2019 sparked a transformative journey in self-knowledge for me. Her guidance through psychological and philosophical models helped me understand my behavioural patterns and relationships. She also led me into deep meditative states, helping interpret childhood memories to resolve complex emotions. Her support has been pivotal in my personal growth, making me feel understood and comfortable. Working with Jayne has been incredibly beneficial for anyone seeking deeper self-understanding and healing.”

Teacher, New York, USA

Big Shakti

“Since the early 2000s, I have been guided by Jayne and Swami Shankardev, growing in spiritual awareness. Transitioning from a prestigious career to teaching, I faced significant personal and professional challenges. Regular sessions with Jayne since 2017 have supported me through these vulnerable times, enhancing my well-being and transforming my life. These meetings continue to help me navigate challenges and stay focused on my purpose, reinforcing the invaluable role Jayne plays in my journey.”

Teacher, Bristol, UK


Benefits of a Dream Session

Uncover the hidden messages of your subconscious mind with dream sessions. Whether it’s a night dream, daydream, unrealized desire, memory, or fear that has significance, I can help you understand its meaning and unlock its potential.

These messages arrive at the edges of your consciousness because they want to be seen and heard. But understanding them requires more than intellectual analysis alone. That’s why I guide you through a process of exploration that engages your feelings and imagination.

In guided dream sessions, you will:

  • Discover the link between your unconscious mind and your emotions.
  • Receive healing messages from your subconscious through feelings and intuition.
  • Tap into your hidden desires and talents through imagery and symbols.
  • Explore your shadow traits that may be driving destructive patterns.
  • Learn how to ground your imagination in reality for powerful expression and action in the world.
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What can I gain from a dreamwork consultation with Jayne Stevenson?

Jayne Stevenson’s approach to healing often includes dreamwork, which involves exploring and interpreting dreams to uncover deeper psychological insights. Big Shakti integrates dreamwork with spiritual practices for holistic healing. 

By delving into dreams, one can unlock a deeper understanding of oneself, leading to more meaningful personal and spiritual development. Examining our dreams can offer profound insights and benefits, including:

    • Self-Understanding: Dreams often reflect subconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires. Analyzing dreams can help us understand hidden aspects of our personality and the underlying motivations for our behaviors.
    • Emotional Processing: Dreams can be a safe space where our mind works through emotional experiences. Exploring these can lead to emotional healing and resolution of unresolved issues.
    • Personal Growth: Examining dreams can help us gain insights into our personal growth challenges and opportunities, helping us make more informed decisions.
    • Spiritual Insights: For many, dreams have a spiritual dimension. They can provide symbolic guidance and reflections on one’s spiritual journey.
  • Stress Relief: Understanding and addressing the content of our dreams can be a form of stress relief, as it may help reduce anxiety about unknown or unacknowledged internal conflicts. 
  • Problem-Solving: Sometimes, dreams can provide creative solutions to problems. The free-form nature of dreaming allows the subconscious to explore possibilities without the constraints of rational thought.
  • Connecting with the Unconscious: Dreams offer a direct pathway to the unconscious mind, where much of our mental and emotional processing occurs. Engaging with this part of ourselves can deepen our self-awareness and enhance our overall psychological well-being.
Big Shakti

“Life was spiraling out of control before I met Jayne. My successful tech career was overshadowing my health and well-being, leaving me feeling disconnected. Jayne's guidance was transformative, helping me to overcome my dark thoughts and reconnect with the joy of life. She also assisted me in finding a healthier work-life balance and a deeper purpose in my career. Now, I consult Jayne for her practical and inspiring advice before making significant decisions.”

Software engineer, San Francisco, US

Big Shakti

“Jayne encouraged me to confront painful memories linked to my childhood, leading to a significant emotional revelation about my mother's mental illness and its impact on my family. This insight, gained through exploring a troubling dream, has allowed me to heal deep-seated trauma, foster compassion towards my parents, and strengthen my family bonds. I continue to consult Jayne for guidance and support, trusting in her therapeutic approach.”

Author, Australia

Experience and Background

My approach derives from over 30 years of study and practice in several healing and wisdom disciplines.


Dao Rising

Daoist meditation and Chinese therapies — I began my studies in Melbourne, Australia, with a professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. I studied Tai Chi, Dao Meditation, metaphysics, martial arts, and Chinese healing therapies for 12 years. I continued my training in Sydney for 5-years with a master of Medical Chi Gong.

Yoga and tantra — I have studied yoga psychology and philosophy and have practiced yogic and tantric meditations since 2001. I co-create Big Shakti's learning tools with Dr Swami Shankardev. 

Dreamwork — My interest in the healing power of dreams began after receiving Carl Jung’s book Man and His Symbols. The book inspired a series of healing dreams. Since then, I have been a lifelong student of Jungian psychology and other dream perspectives, especially embodied dreamwork.

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