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Educate and empower yourself for optimal health and enlightenment.

Online Yoga & Meditation Courses blend the best of Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, theory and meditation practice.

Take your self-knowledge and meditation practice to a new level. Big Shakti's courses blend yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophy, and Western psychology into a unique method for healing, self-development, and spiritual growth.

By embarking on a Big Shakti course, you are not only acquiring a powerful meditation technique but
also immersing yourself in a rich tapestry of knowledge and wisdom that can transform your
relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Big Shakti

“My absolute trust for Big Shakti's team derives from all the benefits I've enjoyed since I started practicing their beautiful methods. What I like most is that they provide knowledge and experience in a structured way, with care, love and, yes, empathy. It is like having a trusted friend that helps you when needed.”


Big Shakti

“I have never been disappointed with your products. You are thoughtful, very, very kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I refer clients (patients), family and friends to Big Shakti all the time. Thank you for your amazing and much needed work.”


Big Shakti

“As a Yoga devotee for 35 years I am convinced, more than ever, that embodying Big Shakti’s Teachings is one of the most essential and far reaching processes a Yogi can embark upon. I am determined to continue the practices in the long-term. I remain in your debt for this doorway into deeper, profound levels of Self.”


Why learn techniques from a Big Shakti course rather than on your own?

Enrolling in a course on Big Shakti goes far beyond simply learning a meditation technique. Big Shakti's courses offer a unique and comprehensive approach to personal growth and spiritual development, drawing from the rich wisdom of both Eastern and Western psychological and spiritual traditions. By combining insights from ancient contemplative practices with modern scientific understanding, Big Shakti’s courses provide you with a framework for self-discovery and transformation.

Learning a meditation technique through a structured yoga and meditation course with proper instruction offers several advantages over trying to practice the technique on your own without assistance. Of course, it can be useful to try a technique on your own first, see how it fits, and then, if you wish, go deeper into a course that teaches you how to really use the technique and apply it to your life.

Here are a few key reasons why experiencing Big Shakti courses will benefit you...

Experienced Instructors

Big Shakti's courses, crafted by world-renowned yoga and meditation experts, offer an unparalleled learning experience. The teachers' profound knowledge and years of experience are distilled into easy-to-understand teachings that resonate with students and are easy to learn, practice, and embody.

Solid Foundation

A well-designed yoga and meditation course provides a systematic approach to learning the technique, ensuring you build a strong foundation and understand the essential principles. Our courses are created by experienced instructors who build in this learning foundation, crucial for effective practice and progress.

Guidance and Support

Our experienced yoga and meditation instructors are dedicated to supporting you in remaining motivated and on track, especially when facing challenges. We offer valuable guidance, answering questions, providing feedback, and helping you overcome obstacles that may arise during your practice.

Comprehensive Understanding

These courses not only teach you how to practice the technique but also provide the underlying philosophy, psychology, and science behind it. They empower deep understanding, allowing students to integrate the practice more effectively into their lives so as to experience truly fulfilling, meaningful, personal growth.

Progressive Learning

Our structured yoga and meditation courses break down complex techniques into manageable steps, allowing you to gradually build your skills and confidence. This progressive approach ensures you don't get overwhelmed and can maintain a consistent practice.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Without proper guidance, it's easy to fall into common traps or develop incorrect habits when practicing a meditation technique. Our courses offer support from experienced instructors who can help you identify and avoid these pitfalls, ensuring that your practice remains safe, effective, and aligned with the authentic tradition.

Easy Access

Committing to a structured yoga and meditation course can help you stay accountable and consistent in your practice. Our courses offer easy access to lessons, meditations and progress tracking to make it easy for you to maintain a steady practice and make meaningful progress over time.

Learning for All Levels

We've created courses for all levels of learning, from beginner through to advanced, to meet you where you're at and build on your practice. Allowing you to expand yourself and your practice however far you wish to go.


We understand life is busy, so we offer the ability to access and complete our courses at your own pace. All of our courses are online allowing 24/7 access from any device. You can also repeat meditations and courses as often as you need to get the maximum benefits.

Big Shakti

“I so appreciate the format of the Find Life Purpose course. It's easy to follow, and I can go at my own speed. This made it possible for me to truly embody the principles and theory, making it a truly holistic learning experience. I have gained deep insight into what I really want and moved away from patterns that don't serve me. I am much more aware of my genuine truths. I continue to use the course as a manual for my life.”

Yoga Instructor

Big Shakti

“The Healing the Mind Course through Big Shakti was incredible! Not only was it in-depth and detailed theoretically, but it also gave me practical tools to deepen and extend my meditation practice. The information and techniques taught have really transformed both my meditation practice and my daily life. I've watched myself become clearer in my thinking and less reactive emotionally. It has given me an easy-to-access tool to help with stressful moments in day-to-day life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – whether they be a beginner or a practitioner with meditation experience.”

Sydney, Australia

Big Shakti

“The Awaken Your Third Eye Of Intuition study made the understanding of intuition concrete for me. I felt a big shift in my consciousness and development from a clear experience of intuition, not only during the program but also afterward. It is a permanent shift for me. I feel grateful to study with Dr. Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson. Learning about higher consciousness with Big Shakti is grounding, enlightening, and profound.”

Perth, Australia

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Big Shakti

“Swami Shankardev and Jayne delivered this course with clarity, depth, and compassion. I felt connected and supported in my practice which has been significantly strengthened because of this study. Thank you.”

Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Australia

Big Shakti

“Everything was of the very best: the presentation, the didactics and methodology, the possibility to review classes and download the mediations, and the way you work together. All so very authentic. As a Bihar School of Yoga teacher (25 years), I could refresh and build upon what I know and get valuable knowledge for my students. I appreciate your clear pronunciation of mantras and language! Thankful for your service in authentic knowledge!”

Yoga Meditation Teacher, Germany

Big Shakti

“Excellent study to help build one's yogic spiritual practices. These courses are a great opportunity for both beginners and advanced students to really understand and experience the value of yoga-tantra and deepen meditation and ritual experience. They provide great inspiration for yoga teachers feeling a bit stuck in their creativity and purpose for teaching.”

Yoga Teacher, Sweden

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