Yoga Psychology & Yoga Psychotherapy

The science of the embodied relationship between consciousness and mind.  

SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE: 2 Modules, 18 Lessons, 2 Meditations, 3 CPD Points

Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy are vast and integral branches of Yoga Therapy.

The aim of yoga psychotherapy is to transform the mind from a weak, confused, battered, and bruised state into something diamond-hard and diamond-bright, capable of immense creativity and deep connection, meaning, and purpose.

Yoga psychology and psychotherapy are based on the cultivation of self-awareness and knowledge of the “subtle body”, the part of us that lies sandwiched between the physical body and the spiritual or causal body, the subtlest part of us. It plays a vital role in the successful treatment and management of physical, psychological and spiritual conditions. When combined with Western psychotherapeutic approaches it creates a powerful holistic approach to long-term healing and spiritual awakening. Yoga psychotherapy views illness as a sacred path to higher awareness. We can gain this perspective if we have the appropriate knowledge, techniques and support.

Dr Swami Shankardev is one of the forerunners of Yoga Therapy. A Yoga Acharya (authority of yoga), MD and Psychotherapist – all in one. He has created this course to give you an overview and some insights into the Indian philosophies of Yoga, Samkhya, and Tantra that provide most of the theory for yoga psychology and psychotherapy.

The meditations in this seminar series enable you to tune into the subtle forces operating in the body and mind. Awareness of these forces initiates a process of purification and healing that leads to greater health and strength, and inner illumination.

This course includes Theory and Meditation to share this knowledge with you in a way you can integrate in your daily life.

Big Shakti

“We were delighted to welcome Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati to present on Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy at the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference. He is one of Australia's most experienced and acclaimed Yoga experts. The audience was deeply grateful for the wisdom and deep knowledge he shared with them. Swami Shankardev is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker and I would highly recommend you take advantage of his online seminars.”

Sydney Australia

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What is Yoga Psychology?

Yoga Psychology is the application of yogic principles and practices to understand and improve mental and emotional well-being. It integrates traditional yoga philosophy with modern psychological concepts to explore the mind-body connection, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Central to Yoga Psychology are concepts such as the three gunas (sattva, rajas, tamas), the chakras (energy centres), and the four functions of the mind (manas, buddhi, chitta, ahamkara). 

It uses various yogic techniques like meditation, pranayama (breath control), asanas (postures), and mindfulness to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.

The primary goal of Yoga Psychology is to facilitate holistic healing and personal growth by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. It aims to promote self-awareness, emotional balance, and overall well-being through the application of yogic principles and practices.

What is Yoga Psychotherapy?

Yoga Psychotherapy combines the therapeutic aspects of yoga with psychological counselling and therapy. It aims to address mental health issues and emotional distress by using a holistic approach that includes body, mind, and spirit.

This therapy involves personalised sessions that incorporate yoga practices such as asanas, pranayama, and meditation alongside traditional psychotherapeutic techniques.

The goal is to create a deeper awareness of oneself, facilitate healing, and promote mental health and well-being.

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What You Learn In This Introductory Course

  • Yoga Psychotherapy as a holistic science
  • The 4 main yoga philosophies that form the foundation of Yoga Psychology
  • An outline of the structure of the mind and the forces that animate the mind
  • The relationship between mind and consciousness
  • What is the subtle body
  • The Sanskrit terms for western concepts, such as the “inner parent, adult, child”
  • How to support your “inner child” by developing a wise and enlightened inner adult
  • How to improve your relationship with self and others
  • How to transform suffering and adversity to actualize a conscious relationship with the vast cosmic forces that lie beyond socially conditioned awareness
  • Gain information about your individual karma so that you can begin to see your unique life purpose and destiny from a higher perspective
  • An overview of the techniques and the path to liberate yourself from old destructive patterns and to create new creative patterns in your mind and your life.
  • How to heal and enlighten the mind

“Yoga psychology is the science of the embodied relationship between consciousness and mind. Yoga psychology describes how the idealized healthy body and mind function and how imbalances can occur leading to pathology. Yoga psychotherapy shows us how to restore balance, enlighten the mind and find lasting purpose and meaning”  

Dr Swami Shankardev 

Big Shakti

“I really love the way you combine meditation, psychology, and spiritual concepts in such a user-friendly, manageable format. I am calmer, less reactive, more creative, and productive despite life constantly hurling bombs at me. I am grateful for your guidance. Not many Yoga teachers have the experience to guide me in this way. I feel connected and trusting of you because you have shown me how to trust and connect with myself in a most real and wonderful way.”

Big Shakti

“What I enjoy about Big Shakti online courses and meditations is their combination of wisdom and practice. They have helped to clarify my understanding of certain yogic terms in the light of modern Western psychology, and thus allowed my practice to become alive, useful and meaningful. As a teacher, I am better able to explain the science behind the techniques, which my very Western students appreciate. There is an urgent need for yogic mind management in today's society. Once known these techniques can be practiced by everybody no matter what challenge they may be facing from depression to the constant mind chatter. Big Shakti's courses offer a bridge that Westerners can cross trustingly.”

Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Florida, United States

Yoga Psychology and Psychotherapy Course 700

Course Components

  • 2 Modules, 18 Lessons
  • 3 hours of Theory (3 CPD Points)
  • 2 Guided Meditations
  • Email Support from Teachers

Continuing Professional Development

Earns CPD 3 contact hours with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, & SYTA. CPD Certificate provided upon completion.

Our Accreditations​

Big Shakti’s courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA) as Continuing Education (contact hours), Yoga Australia, Satyananda Yoga Academy, and SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association) for Continuing Professional Development.


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