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Purify Strengthen and Awaken The Chakras

Align, balance, and awaken your inner power.

The Chakras—Purify, Strengthen, Awaken is a guided meditation series designed to help you align, balance, and cleanse your chakras. These authentic chakra meditation techniques enable you to listen to your intuition and access your inner power, vitality, and self-knowledge.

  • Includes: Introductory Talk and 5 Guided Meditations (75 min)
  • Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev & Jayne Stevenson
  • Presenter: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Access: Listen online via online portal/app or download MP3s
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Big Shakti

“What I find most compelling about Big Shakti’s guided meditations is the simplicity of style in which he presents the breathing and meditation practices while sensing the undertow of trusted authority and authenticity underlying the instruction. To deeply understand what it means to hold unbroken awareness or to connect and/or charge the chakras is not haphazardly accomplished. It is immediately evident that Big Shakti offers us a deep understanding of these ancient techniques, and they succeed in translating these complex movements for a practice that feels very friendly and doable upfront yet with a sense of depthless opportunity long-term. It is quite evident from the start that these techniques are truly effective. As I delved deeper into the practices, I found myself not only grounded in the physical sense but also rooted in a profound connection with my innermost self. The teachings have become an integral part of my daily practice, helping me navigate life's challenges with greater ease and clarity.”


Big Shakti

“Dear Big Shakti, just a note to tell you how very much I am enjoying your Chakra Shuddhi meditations. The Introductory talk is excellent and has helped me understand the chakras more deeply. I am especially drawn to the rotation of consciousness through the chakras moving up the front and down the back. All the names are so sweet and beautiful, and it makes me so happy to hear them but, more importantly, to truly FEEL them in our own being! Your Chakra Shuddhi meditations have become a cherished part of my daily practice, guiding me towards a greater sense of balance, harmony, and self-awareness. The wisdom and care you have poured into these meditations shine through in every moment, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience their transformative power. They are a gift to the world, and I feel blessed to have found my way to your teachings. THANK YOU!”

Indianapolis, USA

What is Chakra Shuddhi About?

The 7 chakras are psychic energy centers that control every aspect of your being: physical, mental, and spiritual. The Chakras – Purify, Strengthen, Awaken helps you learn to feel, visualize, and listen to these energy centers, awakening your inner power (Shakti) and raising your consciousness. By practicing chakra balancing, you increase self-awareness, which is key to enhancing physical and psychological health.

This chakra meditation series offers targeted practices to address inner issues by balancing and cleansing your energy centers, promoting overall well-being and self-awareness.


Individuals grappling with the following inner issues would significantly benefit from The Chakras – Purify, Strengthen, Awaken chakra meditation series:

  • Emotional Imbalance: Struggling with unstable emotions, mood swings, or difficulty managing stress and anxiety.
  • Lack of Focus and Clarity: Experiencing mental fog, difficulty concentrating, or indecisiveness.
  • Low Energy Levels: Feeling chronically fatigued, sluggish, or lacking vitality and motivation.
  • Physical Tension and Pain: Dealing with persistent physical discomfort, tension, or pain that may be linked to blocked energy centers.
  • Spiritual Disconnection: Feeling disconnected from your inner self, intuition, or higher purpose.
  • Self-Doubt and Low Confidence: Battling feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, or lack of self-confidence.
  • Unresolved Trauma and Blockages: Holding onto past traumas or emotional blockages that hinder personal growth and healing.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, or a restless mind that disrupts peace and well-being.
  • Creative Blocks: Struggling to access creativity or feeling uninspired and stuck in your personal or professional life.
  • Sleep Disorders: Experiencing difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or having restful, restorative sleep.

Knowing how to cultivate and balance your chakras is the foundation of a more vibrant, resilient, and enlightened life.

Chakra Meditation Track Guide

With The Chakras – Purify, Strengthen, Awaken guided meditations, you will explore techniques inspired by ancient traditional meditation exercises.  Our guided yoga and meditation training program provides an authentic experience of the chakras. A soothing, peaceful voice guides you to transform and expand your perception of who you are and how you experience yourself and the world.

Here is what to expect from each meditation track in the series:

The Chakras Chakra Shuddhi Meditation 700

Introduction to the Chakras

Learn about the significance of the seven chakras and how they influence your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Sample Audio:

The Chakras Chakra Shuddhi Meditation 700

Psychic Breathing (Ujjayi)

Master the Ujjayi breath, a controlled yogic breathing technique that manipulates prana by making a soft, subtle sound. This breath technique carries awareness to the more subtle layers of your being.

Rotation through the Chakras

Experience a guided meditation that rotates your awareness through each of the seven chakras, aligning and balancing your energy centers.

Sample Audio:

Power Chakra (Manipura Shuddhi)

Focus on the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) to cleanse and energize your core, enhancing your sense of power and vitality.

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Shuddhi)

Awaken and purify the third eye chakra (Ajna) to develop your intuition and gain deeper self-awareness.

The Benefits of Chakra Meditation include

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of yourself by increasing your self-awareness through chakra meditation.

Improved Mental Clarity: Clear your mind of negative patterns and thoughts, fostering a more positive and productive mindset.

Greater Emotional Resilience: Develop the strength to remain calm and composed during challenging situations.

Increased Energy Levels: Build and balance your energy to reduce feelings of fatigue and enhance your vitality.

Holistic Healing: Use chakra meditation to heal physical and psychological conditions, promoting overall well-being.

Big Shakti

“I have begun to see how the quality of my breath relates to my mental state. I have begun to understand and feel the vital force in my body (prana) and have even begun to feel an awareness of the chakras and how they can be used to unlock my inherent goodness, my strength, and my compassion for others.”


Big Shakti

“I have enjoyed listening to and practicing the guided meditations. As a Kundalini yoga teacher, I have appreciated the precise body location descriptions of the chakras. Swami Shankardev's background as a medical practitioner is evident in his ability to help me visualize what is happening in my body as he gently guides me through the meditations. I would recommend his guided meditations to anyone wanting to learn meditation or to deepen their own practice. His approach is wonderful for all levels of students. ”

Indianapolis, Indiana

Big Shakti

“The Chakras guided meditation introduces the concept and body awareness of psychic centers (charkas). It is followed by meditations for purifying the solar plexus (manipura) and the third eye (ajna) chakras. These practices result in an increased sense of power and vitality, as well as greater clarity and ability to deal with difficulties encountered in daily life. ”

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Chakras – Purify, Strengthen, Awaken (Chakra Shuddhi)

Chakra Meditation Practice Hints

  • Sequential Practice: Follow the tracks in order to gradually build your ability to balance and purify your chakras.

  • Daily Routine: Integrate these meditations into your daily routine to cultivate a consistent state of mindfulness and self-awareness.

  • Flexible Timing: Practice anytime it is convenient, whether in the morning to start your day with clarity, or in the evening to unwind and relax.

  • Therapeutic Use: Especially beneficial in stressful situations to calm the mind and stabilize emotions.

Achieve Balance and Awaken Your Inner Power

Purify, Strengthen & Awaken The Chakras Meditation

If you struggle with an anxious and restless mind, Core Strength Calm Mind meditations can be a transformative solution. These guided techniques help you manage stress and anxiety by strengthening your psychological and emotional core, promoting a sense of inner calm and stability.

By grounding your energy and aligning your mind, body, and heart, you'll find it easier to navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. This meditation series offers a structured approach to achieving mental calm, making it an ideal practice for those seeking relief from anxiety and restlessness.

Includes: Introductory Talk and 5 Guided Meditations

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