SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE: 8 Modules, 48 Lessons, 3 Meditations, 10 CPD points

If you only ever study one meditation technique over your lifetime, you would be wise to choose Ajapa Japa.

Ajapa Japa combines many forms of meditation into one powerful practice that heals and transforms your mind. 

With Ajapa Japa, you can:

  • Reduce excessive worry and anxiety
  • Stabilize your nervous system
  • Develop greater mental strength
  • Increase intuition and creativity
  • Enlighten your mind and spirit

Ajapa Japa is a potent meditation practice that you can use to improve every part of your life: physical, mental and spiritual. The practice circulates the light of awareness through the body and mind.

The result is that you become more Alive, Aligned and Enlightened.

Course benefits

Ajapa Japa is highly supportive in the treatment of stress and anxiety, depression, trauma and many other forms of mental illness. It’s effective because it reduces negative mental and emotional patterns and lays down new healthy patterns.

Learn how to use this meditation technique for healing:

  • Reduce excessive worry and anxiety
  • Stabilize the nervous system
  • Develop greater mental strength
  • Increase intuition and creativity
  • Enlighten the mind and spirit

Course Content

  1. Understand Ajapa Japa as a complete system of healing
  2. Improve physical health
  3. Improve mental health
  4. Learn Five Keys to healing the mind
    1. Psychic breathing – Ujjayi
    2. Psychic sound – Mantra
    3. Psychic channels – Nadis
    4. Psychic centers – Chakras
    5. Psychic symbol – Ishta Devata
  5. Purify your mind
  6. Create a meditation ritual

Support and interaction with the course teachers

Both Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson will respond via email with support and answers to any questions. You are not alone. You will be supported.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants a powerful and effective meditation technique that can take them from simple relaxation to psychological and emotional wellbeing. It is the foundation for spiritual enlightenment. Some previous meditation is recommended.

Authentic meditation training

You will receive authentic training that combines yoga and meditation with Western medical knowledge. This powerful combination brings deep and embodied healing.

Healing the Mind, Ajapa Japa Stage One, brings expert guidance on the theory, practice, and application of the great yoga-meditation techniques. Theory and application provide a context, structure and purpose for your meditation practice. This is often missing from modern-day meditation training.

Ajapa Japa is best learned in three stages:

Stage one Healing the Mind, calms anxieties, and turbulent emotions.
Stage two Strengthening the Mind, reveals hidden strengths, talents, and abilities.
Stage three Awakening Higher Consciousness links you to a deeper, universal experience of yourself.

This specialized training is unique to Big Shakti. The three stage training was conceived by Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati after 40 years of teaching this method to his clients and seeing the positive results in his medical practice. The course was developed in collaboration with Jayne Stevenson.

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson believe Ajapa Japa is exceptional for healing the mind due to several key reasons:

Comprehensive Mind-Body Integration

Ajapa Japa uniquely integrates multiple dimensions of meditation, combining breath awareness, mantra repetition, and visualisation. This comprehensive approach helps to synchronise and harmonise the body and mind, promoting overall mental balance and well-being.

Reduction of Negative Patterns  

Ajapa Japa is particularly effective in reducing negative mental and emotional patterns. By focusing on the breath and mantra, the practice helps to calm the mind and diminish the habitual cycles of stress, anxiety, and negative thinking. This allows for the development of healthier, more positive mental habits.

Enhancement of Self-Awareness and Insight

The practice fosters deep self-awareness and introspection. By engaging with the subtle energies within the body, Ajapa Japa helps practitioners to access and understand their inner thoughts and emotions, leading to greater self-knowledge and mental clarity.

Stability of the Nervous System

Ajapa Japa aids in stabilising the nervous system by promoting a state of deep relaxation and calm. This is crucial for healing mental disturbances such as anxiety and depression, as it allows the nervous system to reset and recover from chronic stress.

Cultivation of Mental Strength and Resilience

The structured and repetitive nature of Ajapa Japa helps to build mental discipline and resilience. Over time, practitioners develop a stronger capacity to face life’s challenges with equanimity and calmness, fostering a more robust and adaptable mental state.

Awakening of Higher Consciousness

Ajapa Japa is designed to awaken higher states of consciousness by gradually deepening one’s meditation practice. This leads to a more profound sense of connection to one’s true self and the universe, which can bring about significant psychological and spiritual healing.

Scientific and Traditional Validation

Dr. Swami Shankardev’s and Jayne Stevenson’s belief in Ajapa Japa’s efficacy is backed by their extensive experience in both Western medical science and traditional yogic practices. Their observations and teachings highlight how Ajapa Japa’s techniques align with modern understandings of mental health and therapeutic practices.

Through these combined benefits, Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson advocate for Ajapa Japa as a powerful tool for achieving lasting mental and emotional healing, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Big Shakti

“The Healing the Mind Course through Big Shakti was incredible! Not only was it in-depth and detailed theoretically, but it also gave me practical tools to deepen and extend my meditation practice. The information and techniques taught have really transformed both my meditation practice and my daily life. I've watched myself become clearer in my thinking and less reactive emotionally. It has given me an easy-to-access tool to help with stressful moments in day-to-day life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – whether they be a beginner or a practitioner with meditation experience.”

Entrepreneur / Lawyer Sydney, NSW, Australia


Healing the Mind – Ajapa Japa Stage One is a unique and transformative meditation course developed by two distinguished guides, Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson.

Both Dr. Swami Shankardev and Jayne have dedicated their lives to integrating ancient meditation techniques with modern scientific understanding. This course is a testament to their passion for promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Together, they created this course to provide an accessible and powerful meditation practice that supports healing and personal growth. Through their combined expertise in yoga, meditation, and holistic health, they aim to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation, helping you achieve greater clarity, peace, and fulfilment.

Big Shakti

“I began practicing Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson's Ajapa Japa meditations several years ago, and it has been a turning point in my life. I still find it the most effective practice for calming, balancing, and promoting self-expression. When I first did this practice, my throat chakra had been quite constricted for many years. I would feel this energetically when the breath moved through this area of my body. The more I practiced, however, the lighter and more liberated my throat felt. These changes were reflected in my daily life. My voice became more confident, and I was able to express myself much more freely and openly. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Lawyer, Stanmore, NSW, Australia

Big Shakti

“I wholeheartedly invite you to embark on this transformative journey with Big Shakti's guided meditations. Allow the wisdom of their teachings to guide you toward a deeper understanding of your breath, energy, and inner self. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate greater self-awareness, peace, and vitality in your life, and witness the beautiful ripple effect it can have on those around you.”

Yoga Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona

Heal Your Mind Course

Whether you're new to meditation or seeking to deepen your practice, this course offers a comprehensive, authentic training that integrates ancient wisdom with modern knowledge.

Study at your own pace, on your own schedule, and transform your mind and life with the support of expert teachers. 


Healing the Mind Course 700

Course Components

  • 8 Modules, 48 Lessons (3 hours Video & Text Instruction)
  • 3 Meditation Techniques
  • Email Support from Teachers

Continuing Professional Development

Earns CPD 10 contact hours with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, & SYTA. CPD Certificate provided upon completion.

Transform Your Mind and Life

Heal Your Mind ~ Ajapa Japa Stage 1

If you're seeking a single, life-changing meditation practice, look no further than Ajapa Japa. Combining the best of various meditation techniques, Ajapa Japa offers a powerful approach to healing and transforming your mind.

Imagine a life where stress, anxiety, and negative patterns are replaced with peace, clarity, and alignment. Through this course, you’ll learn to circulate the light of awareness through your body and mind, becoming more alive, aligned, and enlightened.

Begin your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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