Which Course or Meditation is right for you?

Yoga and meditation are practical aspects of Indian philosophy, which is a vast ocean of concepts, practices, and techniques designed to create better physical and mental health and the evolution of your consciousness. By studying with Big Shakti, you gain access to essential concepts and techniques that open the door to enlightened living.

All of our courses and meditations are ideal for yoga instructors, sincere aspirants, therapists, and other medical professionals. They offer an opportunity to understand the powers and mysteries of your mind.

We have created our courses and meditations to share the joy and immense benefits of learning yoga and meditation techniques. The courses are highly relevant to contemporary living. We know you want deep and meaningful knowledge, but we’re all too busy to spend endless hours studying and choosing the most effective techniques.

Big Shakti’s courses are accessible and flexible. You will experience benefits from the first lesson, and these benefits will continue to build as you progress through the course. The courses nourish, heal and enlighten your body, mind, and spirit. 

Unwind, take a break from your daily activities, and learn how to use the effective tool of meditation to achieve inner tranquillity, happiness, and fulfillment. Under the guidance of experienced meditation masters, our yoga and meditation courses will help you learn the keys to a healthy lifestyle and have a calm, clear mind, emotional resilience, and spiritual insight.

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"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."

B.K.S. Iyengar

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What is the difference between yoga and meditation?

Meditation is an exalted, joyful, and powerful state of being. The yogic meditative state arises from any process or technique that cultivates self-awareness and self-knowledge. Yogic meditations combine the best of yoga and meditation.

The word yoga is a Sanskrit word that means connection. The word meditation is an English word that also means connection, the connection between the meditator with the object of meditation.

Yoga and meditation are synonyms. They are the same thing. In fact, any stretching postures performed without self-awareness is not really yoga. The aim of meditation is self-awareness, and it is from self-awareness that all the other benefits arise, such as physical and mental health.

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How many types of meditation are there?

Meditation has many aspects, including relaxation, mindfulness, concentration, visualization, and the repetition of mantras.

Depending on your needs and inclinations, there are many yoga and meditation techniques that enable you to develop these skills. We have constructed a yoga and meditation course for each of these aspects of meditation.

Which types of yoga and meditation courses does Big Shakti offer?

Big Shakti provides multiple courses that enable students to delve deeply within themselves to gain a calm, clear mind, emotional resilience, and spiritual evolution. Each yoga and meditation course combines scientific, psychological, and philosophical approaches to optimize health and, ultimately, attain self-realization.

Each yoga and meditation course that we teach aims to support you in becoming more self-aware so that you know what is right for you. There are so many different forms of meditation that enable you to live healthier, stress-free, happier, and more fulfilled lives. So how do you choose?

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"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world."


Our meditations and courses are available in 3 learning levels

If you're not sure which level you are at, keep reading on below for examples of courses and meditations at each level to see which teachings speak to you and peak your interest.


Foundation courses and meditations are for those who are new to yoga and meditation or want to revise essential foundational theory and skills. We also offer free lectures and meditations to suit this level for beginners to start their journey.



Intermediate Training is for you if you have some yoga or meditation experience and want to progress deeper into meditation, upgrade your skills, and see what is possible on the yoga and meditation path.



Advanced Training is for you if you are an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner, teacher, and/or health professional and want to explore the depths of Indian philosophy, psychology, and advanced meditation practices.


"The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditations For Your Experience Level

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New to Meditation? Start with this...

For those new to meditation, the focus is often on establishing comfort with the practice and learning basic techniques, such as:

Relaxation Meditation: This type involves simple techniques aimed at relaxing the body and calming the mind. It's a great starting point to get accustomed to sitting still and paying attention to the body or breath.

Mindfulness Meditation: Beginners can benefit from mindfulness practices, which involve observing thoughts and sensations without judgment. This helps in cultivating awareness and presence.

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Experienced with Meditation? Try this next...

Intermediate meditators are typically ready to deepen their practice and focus on more specific skills, such as:

Concentration Meditation: At this level, practices that require a bit more discipline and focus, such as concentrating on a single object or sound, are introduced. This could include basic forms of mantra meditation where the repetition of a word or phrase helps deepen focus.

Breathing Meditation (Pranayama): Techniques that involve controlling and observing the breath help in developing emotional resilience and physical control.

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Advanced Meditator? Enhance your experience with...

Advanced meditators often explore more complex practices that require a higher degree of mental control and philosophical understanding, such as:

Visualization Meditation: Advanced practices include complex visualizations, sometimes used in tantra, where meditators visualize deities, chakras, or light to manipulate energy and consciousness.

Deep Mantra Meditation: Advanced mantra practices may involve specific chants that are believed to have spiritual powers and require deep concentration and understanding of the mantra's significance.

Chakra Meditation: This involves focusing on and balancing the various energy centers in the body, which requires an advanced understanding of energy flow and spiritual anatomy.

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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung

Courses For Your Experience Level

Each of these courses is crafted to support learners at every stage of their journey, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and practical mastery of yoga and meditation for enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.



New to Yoga & Meditation? Start with these...

For those new to yoga and meditation, or seeking to refresh foundational skills,  these Big Shakti courses are for you:

Ujjayi Pranayama – Feel the Power of the Yoga Breath:
Learn this vital yoga breathing technique, which is foundational in many meditation practices. It's designed to deepen your awareness and help you maintain consciousness during meditation.

Relaxation Meditation – Relax, De-Stress, Recuperate:
A perfect starting point for beginners, this course focuses on stress reduction, understanding relaxation, and incorporating positive stress management techniques into your daily life.

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Have some experience? Try this next...

Ideal for those with some experience, looking to deepen their meditation skills and explore more complex concepts:

Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition: Focuses on harmonizing the mind and linking to higher consciousness by activating the ajna chakra, enhancing mental focus, and awakening intuition.

Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1: 
Uses breath, mantra, and visualization to manage mental health, achieve inner peace, and stabilize emotions.

Essence of Enlightenment: Teaches identification with the stable, conscious self, helping overcome mental and emotional disturbances through self-awareness.

Find Life Purpose: Guides you through understanding and aligning with your life’s central organizing principle, helping to reveal and fulfill your deepest desires and life goals.

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Ready to deepen your knowledge...

Designed for experienced practitioners who wish to explore in-depth philosophical and practical aspects of yoga and meditation:

Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass – Philosophy: Delve into advanced philosophies and meditation techniques derived from Yoga, Tantra, Sāmkhya, and Vedanta.

Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass – Chakras, Mantras, Yantras: Focuses on deepening meditation practices and exploring the unconscious through advanced Indian philosophy and psychology.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini: Covers advanced theories and meditation techniques for authentic awakening of chakras and kundalini energy, guided by experienced yoga masters.

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Interested in Yoga Psychology?

These courses blend yoga with psychological insights for deep healing and self-awareness:

Introduction to Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy: Explores the relationship between consciousness, mind, and body, providing strategies for restoring balance and achieving spiritual awakening.

Facing the Shadow – From Darkness to Light: Examines the psychological shadow from both Western and Yoga Psychology perspectives, offering insights into ego, identity, and the journey from darkness to light.

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"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success."

Swami Sivananda

Big Shakti

“I really appreciate the format of the Find Life Purpose course. It is easy to follow and I feel I can go at my own speed. This makes it possible for me to truly embody the principles I am learning. I have gained deep insight into what I really want and moved away from patterns that don't serve me, I am much more aware of my own genuine truths. I will continue to use this course as a tool in my life. Thank you!”

Big Shakti

“Big Shakti’s study programs provide a path to enlightenment and a practical yet highly spiritual means of attaining a more aware state wherever you are in your own development. Both Swami Shankardev and Jayne support your growth and learning in a safe, loving environment where questions are seen as part of the learning. The structure of the theory has given me the basis on which to build. It has helped me to understand so much about my life and the lives of those around me. I feel supported and held.”


Big Shakti

“I highly recommend Big Shakti's courses to anyone considering them. They are great value and easily accessible. The courses are in-depth, insightful and are delivered with an obvious care for participants and a passion to share their unique knowledge and experience. The materials provided with the courses such as meditations, activities and notes are an added bonus!”


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