Seven Energies Chakra Chart


Beautiful, Authentic Fold-Out Chakra Chart

87 x 12.5 cm (35″ x 5″)


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These powerful, inspiring chakra symbols, are a mirror of your inner psychic centers. A work of art and spirit, they reveal the power, beauty and balance within us. The chakra symbols were first visualised by the great yogis or “seers” of the East who could see the chakras illuminated within themselves.

You too can contemplate the 7 chakras during your daily routine or in your meditation practice. Rebalance and revitalize yourself by meditating with this beautifully printed chakra poster.

Use this chakra chart as a tool to enhance your chakra meditation and inner illumination.

  • Scan the symbols at the beginning of your meditation practice.
  • Then focus on one chakra at a time.
  • Starting from the base chakra move your awareness upward to the crown and then back down to the base.
  • Simultaneously place your awareness in your spine in the region of that chakra.
  • You can also breathe into and out of this area while chanting the name of that chakra mentally or using a mantra.

(See The Chakras MP3/CD for further Chakra meditation guidance)

Each chakra has a physical, psychological and psychic meaning.

Publisher Info

Title: Seven Energies Chakra Chart

Design: Big Shakti

Material: Printed Fold-out Wall Display

Dimensions: 87 cm x 12.5 cm | 35 inches x 35 inches