Ego, Shadow, Self – Which Is In Control?

Ego, Shadow, Self – Which Is In Control

Most of our actions are unconscious. We simply react in real-time.

Modern neuroscience tells us we are consciously aware of about 5% of our thoughts. Most of our behaviors and emotions are reactions to the 95% of brain activity that occurs beneath our awareness. At the root of our automatic, knee-jerk reactions to life is a lack of self-knowledge.

Modern wisdom says you should just be yourself: very appealing because no effort is required.

Older wisdom says you should cultivate the self because a consciously directed life is much more likely to satisfy and bring meaning.

According to Eastern and Western psychology, we have an ego/persona, a shadow, and a self.

The simplest way to understand them is:

Ego is your identity, while the persona is the mask you wear to survive and thrive – your social personality.

Shadow is the aspect you hide so that you can integrate and find acceptance.

Self is your true inner nature, who you are, and who you always will be.

It actually includes the ego and the shadow. In many cases, identity and relationship issues, and mental health problems stem from these three parts of ourselves working independently (often in opposition) rather than in harmony with each other.

Psychological education and inner-reflection methods such as meditation create healthy, harmonious selves.

Where to begin determining Ego, Shadow & Self

Gain knowledge and techniques to bring your ego into a healthy relationship with your higher self. Know which part of you is in control (ego or self) at any time – around desires, how you relate to yourself and others, and the life choices you're making right now.

Study online through the following recorded seminars.

Yoga Psychology Seminars Swami Shankardev Saraswati

1. Learn the Foundations of Yoga Psychology and Psychotherapy


  • Learn about the 4 main yoga philosophies that form the foundation of Yoga Psychology.
  • An outline of the structure of the mind and the forces that animate the mind.
  • The relationship between mind and consciousness.
  • The subtle body.
  • How to heal and enlighten the mind.
  • The Sanskrit terms for western concepts, such as the “inner parent, adult, child”.
  • How to support your “inner child” by developing a wise and enlightened inner adult.
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • How to transform suffering and adversity to actualize a conscious relationship with the vast cosmic forces that lie beyond socially conditioned awareness.
  • Gain information about your individual karma so that you can begin to see your unique life purpose and destiny from a higher perspective.
  • An overview of the techniques and the path to liberate yourself from old destructive patterns and to create new creative patterns in your mind and your life.

2 x 90-minute Seminars, Theory, Guided Meditations. Earns 3 non-contact hours of CPD points with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia & SYTA. 

Facing-the-shadow Online Seminars from Big Shakti

2. Understand and Face Your Shadow


  • Engage with the disowned parts of you.
  • Manage negative feelings; shame, resentment, anger.
  • Understand why you may project your shadow onto others.
  • Establish a positive relationship with your shadow.
  • Integrate the shadow into your higher self (and not become absorbed into it)

2 x 90-minute Seminars, Theory, Guided Master Meditation, Earn 3 non-contact hours CPD points with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia & SYTA.


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