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Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire

Self-Discovery Meditation

This meditation is an enjoyable process of self-discovery that helps you connect with what is truly most important, rewarding, and meaningful to you. This guided meditation leads you into the rich landscape of your own desires and needs. The destination is your heart and spirit.

  • Includes: Introductory Talk and 3 Guided Meditations (80 min)
  • Authors: Jayne Stevenson & Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati
  • Presenter: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati
  • Level: All levels
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Discover What Truly Matters

Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire is a transformative journey into the depths of your heart and spirit.

This guided meditation is designed to help you connect with what is truly important, rewarding, and meaningful in your life. Experience the joy of self-discovery as you navigate the rich landscape of your desires and needs.

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Why Choose Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire Meditation?

  • Clarify Your Desires: Understand and reconcile conflicting desires, distinguishing those that bring true happiness from fleeting ones.
  • Engage Your Chakras: Dive deep into your subconscious mind, engaging the chakras to gain profound insights and access higher wisdom.
  • Channel Your Energy: Learn to direct energy scattered by conflicting desires into one fulfilling and meaningful purpose.
  • Create a Powerful Sankalpa: Formulate a statement of intent (sankalpa) that encapsulates your genuine desire, helping you stay focused and aligned with your true self.

Illuminating Your Heart's Desire Meditation Track Guide

This Track Guide provides an overview of the individual tracks included in the "Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire" meditation pack.

Each track is designed to guide you through a specific aspect of understanding and aligning your desires with your deeper self. Each track builds upon the previous one, leading you step-by-step towards a clearer understanding and realisation of your heart's true desires. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive and transformative meditation experience.


Here's what you can expect from each track including samples of the audio:

Meditation Illuminating Hearts Desire 600 (2)

Talk on Desire and Sankalpa   (17:58 mins)

Overview: This introductory talk explains the concept of a sankalpa (a statement of intention) and how to create and practice it effectively. You'll learn about the nature of desires, their origins, and how they influence your actions.

Purpose: To provide foundational knowledge on managing desires and conserving energy, setting the stage for successful meditation practice.

Sample audio:

Meditation Illuminating Hearts Desire 600

Witnessing Desires  (17:47 mins)

Overview: This track guides you into observing how desires arise and interweave with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By becoming a witness to these processes, you gain clarity and insight into the nature of your desires.

Purpose: To develop mindfulness and a deeper understanding of how desires shape your internal and external experiences.

Meditation Illuminating Hearts Desire 600 (4)

Desires and the Chakras  (25:10 mins)

Overview: This meditation explores the relationship between desires and the chakras (psychic centres). You'll learn how desires linked to different chakras can sometimes be in harmony or conflict.

Purpose: To harmonise and integrate desires from the lower chakras with those from higher chakras, especially the heart chakra, thereby refining and channelling your energy for a higher purpose.

Sample Audio:

Meditation Illuminating Hearts Desire 600 (3)

Your Heart’s Desire (18:47 mins)

Overview: This track helps you identify and connect with your deepest desire, linking it to your higher consciousness. You will embed your sankalpa deep into your unconscious mind, empowering it to guide you towards emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturity.

Purpose: To align your deepest desire with your true self and higher consciousness, creating a powerful intention that drives meaningful and fulfilling action in your life.

Big Shakti

“I purchased Illuminating Your Heart's Desire and practised it daily, quickly clarifying my thoughts and intentions. Now, I use the skills independently, focusing on relevant chakras to set intentions and gain insights into living authentically. It’s a beautiful and effective practice – thank you for creating it.”


Big Shakti

“Illuminating Your Heart's Desire meditations have sparked a hugely positive change in my life. The simple yet profound concepts are transformative. A friend used the meditations to resolve work conflicts, realising he wanted a positive relationship rather than being right, leading to a quick and positive resolution. What a wonderful outcome!”


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Begin your journey with Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire and uncover what truly matters to you.

Includes: Introductory Talk and 3 Guided Meditations

This unique guided meditation will help you align your desires with your life’s purpose, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Download your guided meditations today and start transforming your inner and outer life.

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