3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation


Relax and recharge—anytime, anywhere

Mp3 | 4 meditations | 77 minutes


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The 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation supports good health, develops clarity of mind, and improves concentration and memory.

Simple, calming and restorative, this guided practice breaks the process of relaxation into small steps, so you learn how to relax in any situation. Each step takes you progressively deeper into relaxation, turning off the negative effects of stress, anxiety and over-thinking, and soothing your body and mind.

Use these steps anytime, anywhere to rest deeply, to calm yourself, and to replenish your energy. Over time, you will become a more relaxed and expressive person.

Relaxation techniques are especially valuable for students studying for exams, those who are short on sleep, trying to meet deadlines, and for people recuperating from illness or surgery.
All the techniques can be practiced in a lying position.

This guided relaxation is an excellent gift for those who have never meditated before, but want a simple way to relax and recharge. It requires no prior meditation experience.


01 Talk on Relaxation

02 Body Scanning

03 The Natural Breath

04 The Controlled Breath

05 Lying Relaxation

Publisher Info

Title: 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation – Calming the Mind, Rejuvenating the Body

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

Content: Intro Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3

Duration: 80 minutes



I wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate the 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation . It’s just so clear and easy to use. My students report that they find it excellent for calming down and especially effective for anxiety. It’s a great introduction for those who have never meditated before as it breaks the process down into simple, manageable parts.

Listening to the lecture on relaxation is a therapy in itself! My students say they listen to it while driving and find it very informative and soothing. It reminds them to stay relaxed wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, and to keep on practicing!

I am finding the guided meditations brilliant! Your service was also very prompt. Thank you for providing these precious teachings.

Track 1. Talk on Relaxation


Track 4. The Controlled Breath