Yoga Nidra and Meditation


The most powerful relaxation technique on the planet

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Yoga Nidra is Big Shakti’s most popular guided meditation. It reduces the negative effects of stress, eliminates fatigue, and relieves anxiety.

Yoga Nidra systematically releases tension from the body, and clears worry and anxiety from the mind. This profound state of relaxation generates positive feelings and emotions.

This Yoga Nidra is deeply effective and can release long held-tensions, such as lingering emotions or negative childhood memories.

Yoga Nidra is practiced in the lying position. The body enters a sleep-like state while the mind remains awake, sending healing energy to every part of the body.

This practice guides you to harness your conscious intention, which is called a “sankalpa” in Sanskrit. By focusing your intention on something that you truly want, you connect your desire to your subconscious mind. This aids your ability to manifest your desires.

Introduction to Meditation is a simple and highly effective relaxation-meditation that combines all the steps of relaxation and meditation into a single, potent healing practice. It increases energy and supports all forms of healing.

This guided meditation forms an effective foundation for all meditation practices. It gently teaches you how to avoid feeling tense, uncomfortable and preoccupied with unwelcome thoughts during meditation. Introduction to meditation is a nurturing and enjoyable practice.


01 Talk on Yoga Nidra and Meditation

02 Introduction to Meditation

03 Yoga Nidra

Publisher Info

Title: Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Content: Introductory Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3

Duration: 67 minutes



Many years ago I dabbled in the practice of meditation with limited success, however a friend recommended Dr. Swami Shankardev’s work and it was a game changer. The Yoga Nidra harnessed my attention and helped me to realise my potential at the World Rowing Championships which culminated in a bronze medal in the men’s eights. It’s been a while since I’ve competed internationally but the same skills still resonate. Recently I’ve found that a high proportion of the student athletes I coach find Big Shakti’s Yoga Nidra helps them to focus both on the water and in the classroom. Dr Shankardev is now a bit of a cult hero at high schools in Sydney, Adelaide and even an Ivy League University in the United States.

I have been using your excellent Yoga Nidra meditation in the evenings to unwind after work. My practice has given me a sense of deep relaxation and afterwards, I have felt rejuvenated and energized for the remainder of my evening.

Big Shakti’s Yoga Nidra and Meditation provides effective methods for stress reduction and healing. I have gained noticeable results, including: improved sense of wellbeing, increased inner strength, calmness and serenity, increased stamina, and the ability to deal with stress and life’s challenges.

Although simple, the techniques are powerful, based in authentic tradition of tantric yoga, and thus different from many of the ‘new age’ meditation instructions which have a much more superficial effect on our mind-body system.

Track 1. Talk on Yoga Nidra and Meditation


Track 3. Yoga Nidra