Mantras as the Language of the Gods

Mantras as the Language of the Gods

Mantras are said to be the language of the gods. What does this mean and how do mantras work?

  • Do mantras simply calm the mind or are they magical words of power that can unlock the secrets in the deep unconscious parts of you?
  • Why is it said that mantras can both liberate and protect you?
  • Why is initiation so important? Why is it said that mantras can only unlock the secrets within you if you have had an initiation from a guru or experienced teacher?

These and other questions will be answered in the upcoming Yoga Tantra Study Group Masterclass, which is focusing on the higher aspects of chakras, mantras and yantras.

Words vs. mantras

Mantras are words of power that can both calm the mind and take you deep into yourself.

One of the reasons mantras are so powerful is that they can free you from social conditioning, which limits your sense of who you are and what you are capable of and enable you to enter into the sacred domains for self-transformation. in this regard:

1. Words define the mundane world you live in. In so doing, they develop your brain, cultivate a greater worldly intelligence, and build your ability to think logically.

2. Mantras, on the other hand, are sound vibrations that enable you to travel from the mundane world to the sacred, transformative, healing space within you. They enable the experience of the subtle dimensions of your being. They unite energy and consciousness, Shiva and Shakti.

Words, thoughts, and the creation of ego

Words and thoughts create your ego. To understand how they do this you need to recognize that when you were born you were trained and conditioned by your parents and society to conform to certain social rules, to be able to fit into and function in the society you were born into. You were taught words and were trained to think in certain ways. This formed your ego structure, your sense of who you are and the world you live in.

The development of language has gone hand in hand with our brains, and we have evolved into a highly intelligent species capable of self-awareness and with great potential. Education and learning new concepts that foster improvements in society are essential if we are to survive as a species.

From the spiritual perspective  

From the spiritual perspective, if you remain trapped in the ego and are limited to thinking you are stuck in the realm of the rational; you will feel constrained. There comes a point when your brain is biologically and evolutionarily not able to learn a lot more words. You just don’t need them the same way you did when you were young when your brain was like a sponge. With age, learning feels more and more challenging and demanding of energy. In fact, you probably have enough words.

What mantras offer is the ability to escape from this limitation and the duality of life. You are given the keys to move back towards individuation and a sense of unity.

The Yoga Tantra Masterclass will guide you into both gaining a few new important words and concepts that will enable you to use mantras properly, to gain a deep and genuine experience of your psyche and yourself.


Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass | Chakras, Mantras, Yantras

6 x 2-hr class recordings

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