Podcast Ep. 7 ~ Introduction to Yoga and Tantra


This episode is taken from Big Shakti’s Light on the Chakras and Kundalinī training masterclass series. This masterclass is taught once every two years and is conducted over nine months. In this episode, which comes out of Lesson 1, we discuss the concepts of yoga, meditation, tantra, and yoga-tantra.

The Sanskrit word yoga means connection or union. The English word meditation also means the connection of the meditator (the consciousness of the meditator with the object of meditation via the act of practicing meditation.

Yoga and meditation are, therefore, synonyms. One is Sanskrit. The other is English. However, they point to the same thing, conscious connection. The aim of all systems of yoga is to consciously connect with your body, mind, and consciousness so that you are more in touch with yourself. You can then be more in touch with all of life.

Tantra is a wisdom tradition and an empirical philosophy, like Raja Yoga, that places major emphasis on embodying knowledge and experience rather than intellectual speculation. It is a profound system of self-transformation that teaches liberation of consciousness through the release of energy trapped within the chakras, particularly within the mūlādhāra chakra.

So, while Raja Yoga is a science of consciousness, tantra is a science of energy. It is the science of self-transformation that is most appropriate for us in this day and age.

All of Big Shakti’s meditations and courses are based on yoga-tantra and teach you how to cultivate and amplify self-awareness, liberate trapped energy, and awaken higher consciousness.

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