Purify Strengthen Awaken the Chakras – Guided Training


Purify, Strengthen, Awaken

Mp3 | 5 tracks | 75 minutes


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The 7 chakras are psychic energy centers that control every aspect of your individual being: physical, mental and spiritual. Authentic chakra meditation creates power, vitality and awakens the third eye of intuition.

This guided meditation provides an authentic experience of the chakras. It transforms and expands your perception of who you are, and how you experience yourself and the world.

The Chakras meditation:

  • Aligns, balances and cleanses the chakras.
  • Develops your power, inner strength and resilience.
  • Awakens the third eye of intuition.

By learning to feel, visualize and balance the chakras, and all the powerful elemental forces they contain, you awaken your inner power (shakti) and raise yourself to a higher level of consciousness. Enhanced physical and psychological health is the welcome side effect of these potent, transformative meditations.

Please note these are intermediate to advanced meditations. They are not recommended for complete beginners.


01 Introduction to the Chakras

02 Psychic Breathing (Ujjayi)

03 Rotation through the Chakras

04 Power Chakra (Manipura shuddhi)

05 Third Eye Chakra (Ajna shuddhi)

Publisher Info

Title: The Chakras – Purify Strengthen Awaken (Chakra Shuddhi)

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Content: Intro Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3

Duration: 80 minutes



Thank you for this wonderful Chakras Meditation. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is interested in authentic meditation and true self-discovery.

These Chakra meditations have guided me to a place were I can see myself in a loving, non-judgmental way. I find this to be very fulfilling. As a result of using this exceptional chakras practice I am more grounded, aware and connected.

The Chakra Meditation practice with Swami Shankardev is the most clear and delightful I’ve done. The introduction is excellent and it has helped me understand the chakras more deeply.

The rotation of consciousness through the chakras is genius! What a downpour of grace; to hear the beautiful pronunciation of the sweet names of the chakras, but more importantly to truly feel them in our own being!

Track 1. Talk on the Chakras


Track 3. Rotation through the Chakras