What is the Meaning of My Life?

What is the Meaning of My Life

The year’s end is a time for reflecting on the past and for planning a better future. This is a time when you can contemplate how to minimize any pain and dissatisfaction you’ve experienced and how you can gain greater meaning, joy, and satisfaction.

Contemplating how near or distant you are from living the life you want, you might find that you have a vague longing for something better or even a definite plan with clear goals and milestones.

As part of this process, the existential question, "what is the meaning and purpose of my life?" naturally shows up. Like a wise, caring teacher who holds you accountable for how you spend your days, this question can raise your pulse rate.

Unless you can find the answer and express this in your life, you may be prone to various conflicting thoughts and feelings. You might experience anxiety caused by feeling that time is running out, yearning to tap your untapped potential, and frustration with duties that feel onerous and burdensome.

The Cloud of Confusion

This confluence of complex thoughts and feelings creates one big cloud of confusion that is very difficult to unpack and manage. It is often easier to resign yourself to waiting for an epiphany, a miracle, or simply for circumstances to change, which is a passive state.

Finding meaning and purpose is a challenge most people experience throughout their lives, if not for their entire lives. Youthful energy compels you to enjoy the ride of experiences and to build a social identity that may lack meaningful long-term purpose. Of course, this is not the case for everyone. Some people realize their purpose at a young age.

To grow the bones of insight and wisdom about meaning and purpose, you must learn from past experiences and any regrets, but not dwell there. You need your energy and awareness for clearing the cloud of confusion so the sun can shine on you once again, regardless of your age and circumstances.

The key is to gain skills that enable you to explore your present life from multiple perspectives.

Learn the method of finding meaning and purpose

You can learn a method that enables you to transcend the mental and emotional loops that keep you stuck in habitual thought patterns—the cloud of confusion. The approach requires that you develop the skills to:

  1. Organize your thoughts
  2. Gauge current reality
  3. Discover the authentic feelings beneath surface emotions
  4. Discriminate between thinking and feeling
  5. Identify all of your needs and desires
  6. Discover that there are 3 types of purpose all humans possess (and how to harmonize them)
  7. Harness and activate intention to bring your purposes to fruition.

Big Shakti’s Find Life Purpose Course teaches you to develop and integrate these skills.

Integration is essential. For example, the capacity to hold current reality in relation to your feelings and desires is an invaluable skill that most people lack. Life purpose rarely manifests when thinking goes in one direction and feeling in another.

If you are unsure of your purpose or undergoing change, we recommend the find life purpose course. Not only does the course help you discover your main purpose in life, but how to apply this knowledge to every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your connection with the collective to your spiritual practice. 

>> Self-paced course with teacher email support.

>> Earns 20 CPD contact hrs with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, & SYTA

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