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Ajapa Japa - Breath, Mantra, Consciousness

Balance the mind, and awaken higher consciousness.

Unlock the power of your inner mantra with our Ajapa Japa – Breath, Mantra and Consciousness meditation pack. This foundational practice of Yoga-Tantra offers a complete system for healing, self-development, and spiritual awareness.

  • Includes: Introductory Talk and 3 Guided Meditations (78 min)
  • Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson
  • Presenter: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Access: Listen online via online portal/app or download MP3s
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Big Shakti

“I am uplifted by all your guided meditations and courses. Words cannot describe how powerful they are. I feel so fortunate to have access to such remarkable tools. Thank you.”

Big Shakti

“Big Shakti has applied the ancient wisdom of Yoga in accessible practical ways for our current age. It is freeing, yet challenging, and it's evolving study. I have found myself more at peace, confident, grounded; improvement in relationships, and my smile is more regularly warm.”

Big Shakti

“Big Shakti provides worldwide access to the kind of knowledge that is historically only available in a personal relationship with a master teacher.”

Ajapa Japa: the Foundation of Yoga-Tantra Practice

Ajapa Japa is the essential meditation upon which all Yoga-Tantra practices rest. This complete system for healing, self-development, and spiritual awareness reveals the mantra at the core of your being, vibrating you into existence. By aligning with this universal sound vibration, you connect your individual self with the expansive cosmos, experiencing a life of authenticity, meaning, and harmony.

Ajapa Japa Mantra

What is Ajapa Japa?

Ajapa Japa is a profound meditation technique from the Yoga-Tantra tradition, where "Ajapa" means "spontaneous" or "effortless," and "Japa" refers to the repetition of a mantra. Together, Ajapa Japa signifies the effortless, automatic repetition of a mantra that happens with the natural breath. This practice involves synchronising the breath with a mantra, allowing the practitioner to tap into the universal sound vibration resonating at the core of their being.

The Essence of Ajapa Japa

  • Effortless Mantra Repetition: Unlike traditional mantra practices that require conscious effort, Ajapa Japa becomes an automatic process, integrating seamlessly with your natural breathing.
  • Connection with Universal Sound: This meditation aligns your individual self with the universal sound vibration, enhancing your spiritual awareness and connection with the cosmos.
  • Healing and Transformation: Ajapa Japa helps in healing the mind, liberating energy trapped in negative patterns, and fostering a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Through Ajapa Japa, practitioners can experience a deeper sense of connection and harmony, bridging the gap between their inner and outer worlds.

Ajapa Japa Meditation Track Guide

With the 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation Yoga and Meditation Series, you will embark on a transformative journey towards mastering relaxation. Here’s what you can expect from each track:

Yoga Breathing Pranayama Ajapa Japa Meditation

Track 1. Talk on Ajapa Japa

Learn about this powerful meditation practice from the Yoga-Tantra tradition. This introductory talk covers the five keys to successful Ajapa Japa and the three stages of inner growth and spiritual maturity.

Sample Audio:

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Track 2. Psychic Breath – Ujjayi

Discover Ujjayi, a controlled yogic breathing technique also known as throat, psychic, or conscious breathing. By subtly tensing the throat to make a soft sound, this breath technique carries awareness to the more subtle layers of your being and manipulates pranic energy.

Yoga Breathing Ajapa Japa Meditation

Track 3. Ajapa Japa in the Nasal Passage

Perform Ajapa Japa by observing the breath moving in the nasal passage while repeating a mantra. This practice connects the trigger points of the muladhara chakra (root) and the ajna chakra (third eye), fostering a deep connection with higher consciousness.

Meditation Illuminating Hearts Desire 600

Track 4. Ajapa Japa in the Frontal Passage

This meditation is focused on the psychic passage at the front of your body between the navel, the trigger point for manipura chakra, and the throat pit, the trigger point for vishuddhi chakra. You move vital energy, prana, and the mantra from manipura, health and vitality, via the anahata chakra, feeling, love, and empathy, to the vishuddhi chakra, for purification. Then you bring your awareness, breath and mantra back to be stored in manipura chakra to improve all aspects of your life. 

Sample Audio:

Big Shakti

“I began practicing Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson's Ajapa Japa meditations several years ago, and it has been a turning point in my life. I still find it the most effective practice for calming, balancing, and promoting self-expression. When I first did this practice, my throat chakra had been quite constricted for many years. I would feel this energetically when the breath moved through this area of my body. The more I practiced, however, the lighter and more liberated my throat felt. These changes were reflected in my daily life. My voice became more confident, and I was able to express myself much more freely and openly. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

NSW, Australia

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Ajapa Japa Meditation Practice Hints

  • Sequential Practice: Listen to the tracks in sequence, mastering each technique before progressing.

  • Flexible Routine: Practice Ajapa Japa on its own or integrate it into your existing meditation routine. It can be done before or after other practices such as asana (yogic stretching) and pranayama (breathing).

  • Daily Practice: Aim to practice at least once per day, choosing a time that suits you, whether in the morning, evening, or during breaks.

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Ajapa Japa Meditation Series

Breath, Mantra, Consciousness

Ajapa Japa heals the mind and liberates the energy trapped in destructive and neurotic mental and emotional patterns – Balancing the mind and awakening higher consciousness.

Includes: Introductory Talk and 3 Guided Meditations (60mins)

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