Podcast Ep. 11 ~ Life purpose, chakras, and self-realization


This podcast episode is from an interview with my good friend Ron Ehrlich in 2019 for his podcast Unstress. For many years, Ron was my holistic dentist. However, he has recently found a new life purpose and has retired to focus on health education. You can find out more about Ron and the wonderful work he is doing at his website, Unstress Online: https://www.unstressonline.com.

In this episode, we discuss the vital importance of self-awareness, self-knowledge and how that is the key to Finding Life Purpose.

Ron asked me to talk about the admonitions of the great philosophers over the last millennia to know ourselves and to address the question of who we really are. Ron and I both agree that it’s never been more important to ask the question “Who am I?” because of the growth of technology and AI and the fact that, if we don’t ask ourselves this question, technology may know us better than we will ourselves. And this is a dangerous thing.

Topics in this podcast include

  1. The importance of Self-awareness in knowing who we are and finding purpose.
  2. The three types of purpose – common purpose, life purpose, and ultimate purpose.
  3. What is the self?
  4. What is the difference between the authentic Self and the ego self.
  5. How the ego and all our different selves form.
  6. How to manage negative ego patterns?
  7. How the ego and shadow form.
  8. Midlife crisis.
  9. Chakras.
  10. Different types of meditation practice for health and wellbeing.

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