The Power of Sankalpa (Intention) to Overcome Adversity, and Near Death


We have spent the past few months supporting students to create a powerful Sankalpa (a resolve) and to identify their heart's desire through our Find Life Purpose Online Course.

The Sanskrit word sankalpa means "a resolve or intention formed in the heart."

We're heartened to know that it has empowered many of our students to make meaningful changes in their lives, some small, some large—all significant.

The ability to make a powerful Sankalpa - one that empowers us to manifest intention - is difficult to achieve because the mind is innately unstable, full of doubts, and conflicting desires. To counteract these conflicts and doubts, students of our course are given various tools and exercises to examine each desire. Using Yogic Knowledge, Meditation Practices and Integration Exercises, students test their desires and intentions through different perspectives or lenses.

For example, how each desire fits into a particular stage of life and how to cognize the different desires that arise from each of the seven chakras. This results in an ability to form a holistic relationship with desires.

Sometimes it takes a negative experience to stir up a powerful Sankalpa. In this way, adversity can be a blessing because it thrusts us into reconnecting with our will to survive, overcome the odds, heal, or repair. One aim of the course is to support you to keep on track with your life purpose while facing tough experiences. The course will help you muster internal resources to rise to the challenges of adversity rather than collapsing under their weight.

Case Study: How our student overcame a near-death experience and taught her doctors about the power of Sankalpa

The story by Sanyasi Yogamitra epitomizes what we can do, even when faced with life-threatening illness, in what appears to be insurmountable odds.

Apparently, I had died. The doctors told me “You went to the other side, you were gone, but then you came back”.

Hello, my name is Yogamitra. I am a yoga teacher from Athens, Greece. I would like to share with you an amazing experience that happened to me when I suddenly became severely ill with meningitis and almost died. My story shows how yogic tools such as breath and the Sankalpa work powerfully to help us heal from illness, often in ways that are far beyond our understanding. The breath and Sankalpa are especially useful if they are combined with Yoga Nidra, which is a powerful relaxation and healing meditation.

Stricken with meningitis

I had finished teaching a yoga class and was driving home when I started to sneeze continuously for about twenty minutes or so. When I arrived home I was not hungry and had a terrible headache. I told my daughter that I was not feeling very well and would go to bed early and rest. That night the headache became much worse even though I took painkillers. It was so bad that I could not sleep. The last thing I remember was attempting to get to the bathroom to vomit at 8 am. That's all I recall before waking up four and half days later at 3 am in the intensive care unit of a hospital with my mother and my daughter staring down at me in tears.

Coming back to life after dying in hospital

I regained consciousness and was shocked to find that a tube had been placed down my throat to mechanically support my breathing and other wires were supporting my heartbeat. I had lost all sense of place and time. Everything felt like it was at a distance and I was disoriented. The ceiling was moving to the floor, the windows were shifting around the room. It seemed the only thing I had was my breath. That was the first tool I instinctively started to use to try to regain some balance. I had been ill with meningitis, inflammation of the coverings of the brain. Apparently, I had died. The doctors told me “You went to the other side, you were gone, but then you came back”. I was kept in the hospital for three weeks. I used my mantra whenever I felt pain and Yoga Nidra to rest because I could not sleep. I was allowed to go home, but the doctors told me that I had a long way to go before I would fully recover. My nervous system was still in a mess. My memory and concentration were so damaged that I couldn’t remember everyday words, like “salt”, nor the faces of my friends, and I could not follow stories in movies or news items.

Engaging willpower (Sankalpa Shakti)

Do not wait for an emergency or illness to start. Start working on yourself now. Start when things are rather easy!

So then I started to use my ultimate yogic tool. I am ever so grateful to both Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson for making this meditation on Sankalpa; Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire. Since I could not practice yoga postures, nor sit cross-legged for meditation, I developed the habit of listening to these meditations through the day as I lay on my back in bed. At night, listening to this was the only way I could get to sleep. In the beginning, my mind was drifting apart but slowly I was able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I began to plant my Sankalpa, “I AM BECOMING STRONGER AND HEALTHIER”. The Sankalpa along with the other techniques on the CD helped to bring me back closer to the strengths and abilities in myself.  Every day I felt myself getting stronger and healthier.

Miraculous improvement

After ten days at home, I had an appointment to visit the hospital. The doctors were in tears after seeing how rapid my healing was. Once again they explained what had happened to me. “You left us for a time, then you came back”. I told them of my daily meditation process and showed them my progress. The doctors were so impressed with the effects that they asked me to start teaching the techniques to them. Since this is a unique set of techniques belonging to the authors Jayne Stevenson and Dr Swami Shankardev, I sought their permission and soon started teaching the doctors.

9 months later

Although I am now 99.9% recovered I still use the techniques from Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire frequently. It guides me through a process that helps me live my life more consciously united with my higher Self and less entangled in my lower self. Of course I still have lots of ongoing unresolved issues so I use this CD to help me to recognize them as they come to the surface. I continue to discover all kinds of aspects of myself and can observe them from the tranquil state that these techniques cultivate, instantly. I regard these techniques and the incredible in-depth practices of the Find Life Purpose Course as a great gift to us all and that is why I am sharing this true story with you. Do not wait for an emergency or illness to start. Start working on yourself now. Start when things are rather easy! Sannyasi Yogamitra, Greece

How to Create a Powerful Sankalpa

Creating a powerful Sankalpa, or intention, is a deeply transformative process that involves aligning your deepest desires with your higher purpose. A Sankalpa is more than a simple resolution; it is a heartfelt commitment to align with your true nature and manifest your intentions into reality. Here are steps to help you create a powerful Sankalpa:

1. Reflect on Your Heart’s Desire

Begin by reflecting deeply on what you truly want to achieve. This involves quieting the mind and connecting with your innermost self. Ask yourself what your heart truly desires, beyond superficial wants and fleeting wishes. Consider your long-term goals and aspirations that align with your values and higher purpose.

2. Use Yogic Knowledge and Meditation Practices

Utilise yogic techniques to gain clarity and focus. Practices such as Yoga Nidra, pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation can help calm the mind, making it easier to access deeper levels of consciousness where your true intentions reside. These practices also help to eliminate doubts and conflicting desires, paving the way for a clear and powerful Sankalpa.

3. Examine Your Desires Through Different Lenses

Evaluate each of your desires from multiple perspectives. Consider how each desire fits into different stages of your life and how they align with the energy centres or chakras. This holistic approach helps you understand the nature of your desires and ensures they are in harmony with your overall life purpose.

4. Formulate Your Sankalpa

Once you have clarity, formulate your Sankalpa in a positive and affirmative manner. It should be a concise, clear statement that resonates deeply with you. For example, instead of saying “I want to be less anxious,” you might say, “I am calm, peaceful, and centred.” Ensure your Sankalpa reflects a state of being rather than a state of wanting.

5. Repeatedly Affirm Your Sankalpa

Consistently repeat your Sankalpa, especially during meditation or before sleep, when your mind is in a receptive state. This repetition helps to embed your intention into your subconscious mind, making it a guiding force in your daily life.

6. Align Actions with Intention

To manifest your Sankalpa, align your actions with your intention. Every decision and action should support your resolve. This alignment creates a powerful synergy between your thoughts and actions, propelling you towards your desired outcome.

The Clarifying Power of Adversity

Sometimes, adversity can catalyse the creation of a powerful Sankalpa. Challenging experiences can stir a deep resolve within us to overcome obstacles and heal. Our course supports you in staying true to your life purpose, even in the face of adversity, by helping you muster internal resources and rise to challenges rather than collapsing under their weight.

Develop a powerful Sankalpa (Intention) with Big Shakti Courses & Meditations

Developing a powerful Sankalpa is a journey of self-discovery and alignment with your higher purpose. By reflecting on your true desires, using yogic practices, examining your intentions through different lenses, and consistently affirming and aligning your actions with your Sankalpa, you can manifest your deepest aspirations and live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

If you are ready to create a powerful Sankalpa and transform your life, consider enrolling in our Find Life Purpose Online Course. This comprehensive program provides the tools, meditations, and support you need to align with your heart's desire and achieve your life goals. Start your journey today and discover the power of Sankalpa with Big Shakti.

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