Podcast Ep. 2 ~ Relaxation Meditation


In this podcast episode, you will hear the first track of the 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation Meditation MP3 series.

We intend to use these first few podcasts to provide some background information on yoga and meditation. Once we have covered the basics, then we can take a deep dive into the more amazing and wonderful aspects of Indian philosophy and its esoteric traditions.

Probably the most basic and fundamental aspect of yoga and meditation is relaxation.

Though it is a foundation practice, that does not mean it is easy. In fact, it is a lot more difficult than most people think. This is because true relaxation means more than just muscular relaxation. It means having a relaxed mind, emotions, and personality.

What happens for most people who start to meditate is that they begin with some basic relaxation technique or use a simple form of meditation aiming to relax their body and mind. That is, they aim to reduce the negative effects of stress and calm an overactive mind. Most people can only relax the more superficial layers of their body and mind. It can be difficult to penetrate relaxation into the deeper layers of the mind and emotions because of a lifetime of stored stresses, traumas, and tensions and the demands of a busy life. To achieve deeper relaxation to remove the negative effects of stress or trauma, you need other practices that help to remove deeper tensions and restore balance.

We have two MP3 series and one course on Relaxation Meditation:

Introduction to Yoga Nidra and Meditation – Yoga Nidra Meditation is the most popular relaxation meditation in the world today. There are three meditations in this Yoga Nidra package.

3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation – This series of yoga and meditation techniques takes you step by step through the process of relaxation and how to handle stress with greater resilience, mental calm, and understanding.

Relaxation Meditation – Relax, De-Stress, Recuperate – This is our main course on Relaxation Meditation. It is a dive into stress, tension, and relaxation meditation. It guides you toward mastery of relaxation meditation so that you become a more relaxed person with the ability to remain relatively relaxed under difficult and challenging circumstances.

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