Podcast Ep. 9 ~ What is Ajapa Japa


If you only ever study one yoga meditation technique over your lifetime, you would be wise to choose Ajapa Japa. Ajapa Japa combines many forms of meditation into one powerful practice that heals and transforms your mind.

Ajapa Japa is a potent guided yoga and meditation technique that you can use to improve every part of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual. The practice circulates the light of awareness through the body and mind. The result is that you become more Alive, Aligned, and Enlightened.

Yoga Tantra

Ajapa Japa is the foundation meditation upon which all Yoga-Tantra practice rests. Ajapa Japa is a complete system for healing, self-development, and spiritual awareness.

Of all the techniques in the yoga tantra system, Ajapa Japa, the movement of your breath, prāna, a mantra in a psychic passage, is one of the most powerful. The word japa can be defined as the continuous repetition of a mantra. When the suffix ‘a’ is added, it implies that the process of mantra repetition becomes spontaneous.

While japa requires continuous, conscious effort to repeat the mantra verbally or mentally and to turn the beads, ajapa requires no effort. It is said that japa comes from the mouth, whereas ajapa comes from the breath and from the heart. Japa is the preliminary practice of mantra repetition, and ajapa is the perfection of this practice.

The Ajapa Gāyatrī Mantra

The theory behind Ajapa Japa is that there is a mantra called the Ajapa Gāyatrī Mantra, vibrating in you all the time. This is the breath mantra SO HM, which is also called the Ham-sa mantra. Ajapa japa is a technique in which you repeat the mantra of the breath, SO HM, while you tune into the mantra that is always present in you. As such, you do not need any initiation from a guru to give you a mantra, as it is already and always within you.

This core Yoga-Tantra teaching reveals the mantra hidden at the core of your being that is vibrating you into existence. In both human beings and the cosmos, there is a universal sound vibration, a powerful mantra that can be heard in the subtle breath that arises from the spiritual dimensions of your being. In the ancient yogic texts, this mantra is the song of the soul singing you into existence. Ajapa Japa meditation enables you to tune into this most powerful mantra resonating at the very heart of your being. As you tune into the sound, you cognize the intrinsic connection between your individual self, your universal self, and the cosmos as a whole.

Kriya yoga

Ajapa Japa is a form of kriya yoga and kundalinī yoga. The word kriya means active, and kriya yoga is an active form of yoga, which activates kundalinī, the primal cosmic power that lies dormant in the base chakra, mūlādhāra. The word kriya comes from the same root as the word karma, which also action. So Ajapa Japa is a powerful technique that, once learned, is used in many more powerful forms of meditation to activate the latent powers and abilities that lie hidden in you.

By aligning yourself with this great and powerful mystery, you synchronize your deepest self with the expansive cosmos. Your inner and outer worlds become one, and you experience the bliss of living an authentic, meaningful, and harmonious life.

Learn More About Ajapa Japa

Of course, it is one thing to learn the technique, but it is another to understand how to apply it to achieve your desired results.

To learn more about how to apply Ajapa Japa meditation for healing and for your spiritual evolution, Big Shakti teaches guided yoga and meditation techniques that systematically take systematically guide you into the practice of Ajapa Japa. This guided training program is called Ajapa Japa, Breath and Mantra.

If you wish to really understand how to use Ajapa Japa to support the healing of mental illness and to cultivate a strong mind, then we highly recommend that you enroll in the online course, Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1. 

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