The Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) - Discover its Power to Enlighten

The Third Eye – Discover its Power to Enlighten

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Ajna Chakra, offers a path to deeper self-awareness and insight. By awakening this chakra, you can link your individual consciousness to the vast cosmic consciousness, opening doors to profound understanding and clarity. Opening your Third Eye Chakra awakens your intuition and enables you to connect with your inner guide. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Third Eye Chakra. From understanding its significance and symbolism to learning about the benefits of activating it through meditation, you'll understand how to harness the power of your third eye. We'll also cover the signs of imbalance, the impact of diet and lifestyle, and the incredible health benefits of a balanced Ajna Chakra. Plus, find out why enrolling in our "Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition Course" could be the transformative step you've been looking for.

About The Third Eye Chakra (ajna chakra)

  1. What is the Third Eye chakra (ajna chakra)
  2. The Third Eye symbol explained
  3. The Third Eye, the sixth chakra, the command center
  4. Other names for Ajna Chakra
  5. Where is the Third Eye located?
  6. What happens when the Third Eye is closed or asleep?
  7. The Third Eye Chakra can oscillate between being active and asleep
  8. What happens when you activate the Third Eye Chakra through meditation
  9. What are the 4 major signs of Third Eye Chakra imbalance?
  10. 11 signs of imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra
  11. 21 benefits of meditating on Ajna Chakra
  12. Activate the Third Eye Chakra to regulate sleep, and improve health and immunity
  13. Balance the two sides of your brain
  14. Increase mindfulness and improve mental health
  15. Diet and lifestyle effects on the Third Eye Chakra
  16. Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition Course
  17. Why should I enrol in this third eye chakra course?

The Third Eye Anja Chakra

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

Ajna chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, is a psychic energy center located in the middle of the head near the pineal gland, behind the midpoint of the eyebrows. Often related to the concept of the “sixth sense,” the Third Eye Chakra is the sixth of seven chakras, rules the brain and mind, and is able to perceive the subtle dimensions of your being.

The Third Eye Chakra is the highest chakra within the human body and is associated with the dimension of light. There is only one chakra above the Third Eye, the Sahasrara chakra, which sits above the crown of the head. However, Sahasrara is not a chakra in the true sense because it is not an energy center. It is center that rules consciousness. This is unique as the other six chakras all rule energies in different forms, mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical and nuclear.

The Third Eye Chakra, ajna chakra, is symbolized by a single eye that sees into your inner world, into your psyche from where intuition arises. 

It is a single eye, which represents unity and simplicity.

The physical eyes see the outer, mundane world. And as there are two of them, they represent duality and complexity. The physical eyes are ruled by Manipūra chakra, which is located in the spine behind your navel.

The aim of meditation is to use both your outer and your inner eyes, to see into the outer and inner worlds at the same time.

When this happens, every time you look at the outer world your Third Eye Chakra provides you with extraordinary intuition and insight into what is happening. You see connections and understand the invisible threads that tie this world together. This is because the third eye is connected to the inner guru, the inner guiding force that is innate within your psyche and spirit. The inner guru sends information in the form of intuition to the ajna chakra to help you understand and gain meaning from the information coming into the mind from the outer world. This inner guidance is essential if you are to remain calm and confident as you navigate through the challenges of life.

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Third Eye Chakra Symbol (Ajna Chakra Symbol)

The Third Eye symbol explained

The Third Eye Chakra's symbol is a lotus flower with two smoky-grey or silvery petals. Many people describe the color as being indigo or translucent purple. Within the chakra, the OM symbol (a 3 with a tail and a dot above a crescent) sits above a smoky-grey, phallic shape, called a lingam representing the astral body and the psyche.

This chakra enables connection to your highest consciousness in Sahasrara. There is also a downward-pointing triangle (an upside-down triangle) representing Shakti, which is the highly refined energy that powers the brain and mind.

The mantra, the sound vibration associated with the Third Eye Chakra, is OM. Chanting the mantra OM vibrates, stimulates, and activates the sixth chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra controls the brain and nervous system, all the mental functions, and the mind. It's also connected to your archetypical dimensions. the archetypes are universal patterns in the psyche. 

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The Third Eye, the sixth chakra, the command center

Ajna Chakra is the command center because it can hear the voice of your inner guru, your guide, that has been guiding you over many lifetimes. It is the link between the individual consciousness and cosmic existence, between the little self and the higher self.

When the Third Eye is activated, your intuition is powerful, you can think clearly because your emotions are stable, and you can engage with life with joy, trust, and understanding. You also have a clear sense of your destiny, because of the link to higher consciousness and feel connected to your deeper self.

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Other names for Ajna Chakra

Ajna, which means command, authority, unlimited power, is also referred to as:

  1. Third Eye Chakra — the inner eye that sees the inner world of the psyche and spirit
  2. Brow chakra — the chakra associated with the eyebrow area
  3. Guru chakra — the chakra that hears the voice of the inner guru
  4. Jnana-Padma — the lotus (Padma) that gives knowledge (jnana)
  5. Dvidak Padma — the lotus (Padma) that is divided into two parts (dvidak), the two lobes of the brain
  6. Bhrumadhya — the trigger point between the two eyebrows; when you focus your awareness on this point, it triggers activation of the Third Eye Chakra, which lies in the center of the head near the conarium.

The Third Eye Chakra, ajna chakra

Where is the Third Eye located?

The sixth chakra is associated with the area around the pineal gland, which is the part of the brain that regulates biorhythms, including sleeping and waking consciousness. It’s an important gland in the brain because of its relationship with perception, the effects of light, and altered or “mystical” states of consciousness.

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What happens when the Third Eye is closed or asleep?

Your Third Eye Chakra can be open or closed. We can also describe it as asleep, activated, or awake.

When the Third Eye is asleep, you are blind to the inner world, trapped in the physical world—therefore, the physical senses—disconnected from yourself, and unable to access your psyche which contains your purpose, meaning, and destiny.

Disconnection makes you prone to being lost in thinking, hopes and fears, worries and anxieties. You see the world, but the images and information can only reach your lower thinking mind (manas), not your higher knowing, intuitive mind (buddhi). You then try to understand the world using your physical eyes and your thinking mind. However, you will not be able to perceive how this information is being processed if your Third Eye is closed.

If your Third Eye is dysfunctional, the information from the senses and thoughts cannot reach your deeper mind and deeper self. You will have a surface life and will require healing through meditation practices such as those taught in Big Shakti's Awaken your Third Eye of Intuition Course .

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The Third Eye Chakra can oscillate between being active and asleep

Please note that true awakening of the Third Eye Chakra is rare. There are times in your life when your Third Eye Chakra is active, and at other times it will sleep and be difficult to access it. Much depends on your karma, lifestyle, current and accumulated stresses, and how much time you have for meditation practice.

During troublesome times, we slip back into our old patterns. It requires time and practice to stabilize the Third Eye. Yoga-tantra meditation practices, such as those taught in Big Shakti's Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition Course, aim to activate and stabilize the third eye so that true awakening can be achieved with a sincere approach and application. The more regular your meditation, the steadier your progress will be. As your chakra is activated, it will help you manage your karma better, and this creates a virtuous cycle of increasingly more positive inner and hopefully outer experiences.

To achieve this, first, you need to stabilize activation and recognize what old habits impede maintaining this. You will also need to purify the chakra, and this takes time. Over time, you will develop a stable activated Third Eye, which will lead to more and more awakening experiences.

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What happens when you activate the Third Eye Chakra through meditation

Third Eye activation occurs as a result of meditation techniques that stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. By sending energy and awareness to the Third Eye, it is stimulated. When you focus awareness and energy via meditation, the brain, and nervous system, and all of your mental functions become relaxed, purified, enlivened, and strengthened. This begins the process of activating your Third Eye, your Ajna chakra.

When your Third Eye is activated, you see into and experience your inner world. You begin an inner journey to develop this newly discovered part of you.

Through an awakened third eye you can see your inner world as clearly as you can see your outer world. You can connect with your higher self, which enables access to the deepest truths, and the hidden powers of your mind and the cosmos.

In Indian philosophy and yogic metaphysics, it is said that Ajna Chakra is the center where you transcend duality—the duality of a personal “I” that is separate from the rest of the world; the illusion of a personality that exists independently from everything else.

A yogi who passes through Vishuddhi, or the throat chakra, to the sixth chakra at the eyebrow center, experiences themselves as beings of light and realizes the interconnectedness of all beings. You become Mukta, which means liberated, freed from the bondage of time-bound consciousness. This is where I-consciousness is absorbed into the super-consciousness in a process called Samadhi in Sanskrit.

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signs of Third Eye Chakra imbalance

What are the 4 major signs of Third Eye Chakra imbalance?

1. Inability to learn - When the Third Eye is unhealthy, you can find it hard to learn from experience. You feel ignorant and bound in thinking rather than knowing. To live a life based on thinking without understanding is to live in a confused haze in which there is no certainty.

2. Disconnection - When the Third Eye lacks energy or is imbalanced or you have an overactive Third Eye Chakra, there is a sense of being disconnected from or only partially connected to life because you are only somewhat aware. This can lead to a sense of alienation and loneliness, and even hopelessness and helplessness.

3. Lack of purpose - When the Third Eye is inactive, your sense of meaning and purpose is vague or nonexistent. You have little or no direction in life. You find it hard to plan and may feel at the mercy of the forces of the world.

4. Inability to relate to others - You feel ungrounded, emotionally unstable, detached, and unable to connect to yourself and others. Because of a poor self-image and low self-esteem, you may look to others for your sense of identity. You feel a lack of contentment, and your mood can be shallow, frivolous, and inappropriate to your current situation.

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11 signs of imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra

If the Third Eye Chakra is weak or not functioning properly, you feel lost, confused, and unable to think properly. You feel empty and in a state of ignorance, of “not knowing” how to be or what to do. You might experience:

  1. A feeling of being stuck.
  2. Lack of purpose and meaning.
  3. You are on a treadmill, consumed by the daily grind of life.
  4. It is hard to set future goals.
  5. Your perception is clouded, and you experience mental fog.
  6. Your mind is dull and easily disturbed.
  7. You cannot think clearly and suffer from faulty or disordered thinking and confusion.
  8. You are prey to foolish thoughts, anxieties, rumination, and unruly emotions.
  9. You are caught up in hopes and fantasies and lose touch with reality.
  10. You get caught up in materialism, rely purely on logic, and reject your spiritual self.
  11. You may experience physical symptoms such as sinus issues, frequent headaches, and neurological problems.

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21 benefits of meditating on Ajna Chakra

  1. You gain self-awareness
  2. Your physical and mental health improves
  3. You gain deep refreshing sleep
  4. You are able to be mindful in all situations
  5. You balance the two hemispheres of the brain, represented by the two petals of the Ajna chakra lotus flower.
  6. You can control your thoughts.
  7. Your emotions are calm and stable, and you start to experience feelings of inner joy.
  8. You develop logic and creativity.
  9. You gain powers of visualization and improved imagination
  10. Spiritual awareness blossoms
  11. Your mind no longer has power over you. Rather, your mind is a tool that you use to navigate this world with clarity and confidence.
  12. You can discern the archetypes that are the building blocks of your psyche.
  13. Self-awareness enables inner guidance, self-knowledge, and wisdom
  14. Internal knowledge is revealed, and you gain a deep understanding of how the world and people work.
  15. You gain more insight into your destiny and life purpose
  16. You perceive subtle energies and have access to more modest levels of reality.
  17. You develop psychic abilities, specifically clairaudience and clairvoyance.
  18. You gain access to mystical states, as well as illumination.
  19. You realize you are not a physical body or a mind or ego that you are something greater.
  20. Clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection
  21. You can have further insight to create and live a life that is more deeply aligned with your highest good.

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What is the Third Eye Chakra (ajna chakra)

Activate the Third Eye Chakra to regulate sleep, and improve health and immunity

Meditations on the Third Eye Chakra improve sleep. As your thinking mind and emotions calm down, and you gain greater self-knowledge and wisdom, you can relax deeply. This enables you to sleep deeply and effectively, so you have creative dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. 

Balance the two sides of your brain

The energy center meditations in the Awaken the Third Eye of Intuition Course enable you to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, represented by the two petals of the Ajna Chakra lotus.

For a long time, medical science believed that the right brain controls creative thinking and the left brain controls analytical and logical thinking. However, recent studies show that the left hemisphere deals with pieces of information in isolation and the right hemisphere with the entity as a whole.

The Third Eye Chakra activation integrates these two hemispheres and their functions, amplifying your brainpower, which empowers higher consciousness. 

Increase mindfulness and improve mental health

Practitioners of yoga and meditation know that the key to contentment lies in witnessing the world from the point of view of an observer. This process allows you to be present and mindful in every moment. This skill has been adopted in many psychological therapies. While these therapies do not explicitly state, that they are working on the Third Eye Chakra, any technique that increases mindfulness, and self-reflection, activates it. 

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Diet and Lifestyle Effects on the Third Eye Chakra

To get the maximum benefit from your chakra meditations, you are advised to follow a healthy, yogic lifestyle.

  • We advise you to eat a balanced, plant-based diet.
  • Get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly to maintain your physical strength.
  • Practice some postures and breathing before practicing the meditations, if you have time. While practicing yoga poses (asana) such as the child's pose, and during yogic breathing techniques, (pranayama) such as those taught in Big Shakti's Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition Course, you can place your attention on the Third Eye trigger point (bhrumadhya) and activate the Third Eye.
  • It is best not to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, as these will interfere with the clarity of your consciousness during this period of activating the chakras.

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Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition

Big Shakti has created the Awaken the Third Eye of Intuition Course to guide you in activating and awakening your Third Eye, ajna chakra.

The theory and meditations in this course will enable you to align, integrate and balance your brain, nervous system,  hormones and mind, which are all controlled by the Third Eye. Third Eye Chakra activation purifies and balances your pituitary gland with all the other endocrine glands in the body, including the thyroid, adrenal and sexual glands and their hormones.

The course teaches you how to calm the sensorial-based thinking mind, reduce anxiety, and open your awareness to your psyche, and your inner world, which is the source of your intuition.

Once your thinking mind has calmed down, you will balance and align the thinking and knowing minds. This balances your emotions, expands your intuition, and restores your feelings, helping you develop into a better, happier person.

The course will also enable you to tap into your spiritual side, helping you channel higher cosmic energy and consciousness.

Why should I enrol in this third eye chakra course?

This course teaches a grounded and systematic approach to activate and awaken the Third Eye. It combines Eastern esoteric teachings with Modern Jungian psychology to support an authentic understanding of the Third Eye and intuition.

The meditations taught in the course progress from introductory to more advanced practices.  They range from traditional yoga tantra meditations on the Third Eye to modern contemplations based on Jungian theory. This enables you to embody the theory and bring it into your daily life.

Find out more about the course

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